10 Ways To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship

You are in a fairy tale love relationship, or at least, that’s what everyone around you thinks of you two! What do you think of your relationship? Is it a fairy tale or a toxic relationship?

You deserve better. You needn’t keep struggling to see yourself happy. You don’t have to care only for your partner’s happiness. 

You both fell in love and a beautiful relationship began. One day, your partner insulted you in front of your friends. You were not shocked as much as your friends because these things were part of your life; you hardly bothered about it. But, everyone was silent, shocked, and you realized the tension. Maybe you cried in front of them or maybe you chose a closed room to weep. See, you didn’t know when this beautiful relationship turned into a toxic relationship. 

This article will help you fix yourself and find a way out of a toxic relationship. Because the sooner the better.

Firstly, how to identify that you are in a toxic relationship. Here are a few signs of a toxic relationship, which will help you to identify it better.

Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship.

1. Blames you for everything.

toxic relationship

You are blamed for everything that goes wrong in your partner’s life and your relationship. 

2. Restrict your freedom in toxic relationship.

toxic relationship

You are not allowed to travel with your friends or family, attend any function, party with your friends, and any movement without taking permission from your partner.

3. Keep bringing your past mistakes.

toxic relationship

Your partner often brings up your past mistakes to make you feel bad and miserable.

4. Hides truth and lies frequently.

toxic relationship

Your partner never gives a clear answer to your questions; they are always vague and false.

5. Undermines you in toxic relationship.

toxic relationship

Your partner always makes you feel shitty about your decisions/plans/advice and mocks about them. 

6. Controls your life.

toxic relationship

Your partner wants you to talk/meet to certain people only and that too of their choice. They choose everything for you, from dresses you should wear to the words you should speak.

7. Abusive and self-destructive.

toxic relationship

Your partner always abuses you or threatens to kill him/herself after every fight. (Report to the police immediately) 

Now that you know how to identify a toxic relationship, let’s move on to the 10 life-changing ways through which you can come out of a bad relationship.

Here are 10 ways, which will help you to get out of a Toxic Relationship before it’s too late:

1. Acceptance is the first step.


Without accepting that you are in a toxic relationship, you will never get out of it. Beware of this stupid line: Oh! It’s just a one-time thing; he/she is not that bad; Nobody is flawless, or It’s too late to find somebody else. 

Stop living in denial because this won’t help anybody. You are only going to destroy yourself with this.

2. Explain why you don’t want this toxic relationship.


If you think your partner will understand the situation then confront and talk about it. Tell him/her why you don’t want to be in the relationship, politely. 

Caution: Explaining things might turn against you. Your partner might not accept the faults and make you feel bad about you breaking up with him/her. So, if you don’t trust your partner’s reaction to the breakup or you confronting your problems then avoid this point. 

3. Don’t behave like your partner. Be yourself.

relationship goal

The moment you realise you were in a toxic relationship, don’t start behaving like your partner. You don’t need to become that person who hurted you, just for the sake of punishing him/her. 

Be who you are, don’t imitate the person you have started disliking. 

4. Quit and let it go of toxic relationship.

breakup relationship

It is difficult to leave someone, especially when you had shared a special bond with that person. It can be really tough and heartbreaking, but you have to do it to save yourself.  

You need to let go of people who are harming you mentally or physically. In a toxic relationship, letting go of that person, their memories, become very important.

Move ahead in life rather than looking back and lamenting about it.

5. Your BFFs know you the best. Talk to them.

best friend

There’s always that one person in your life who understands you better than anyone or you ask for advice from. That person can be your mother, sister, best friend, brother, anyone. 

Whoever that person explains your situation to them, and take their help to get out of your toxic relationship.

6. Don’t fall prey to false promises. Say No.

false promises

Mostly in a toxic relationship, your partner will keep making way to your life. He/she will make fake commitments, promises, a lot of blackmailing to lure you back into his/her life. You have to learn to say no. A strict ‘NO’ can save your life, can save you from living that miserable life again.

7. Take time to heal yourself after toxic relationship.

Take time to heal yourself

Nothing lasts forever, not even pain. So, don’t expect to be healed quickly, it’s a process. You will go through a lot of pain before you start afresh and happy life with someone else. A trick of healing fast from a toxic relationship is to accept that the relationship was bad for you and your life. Acceptance. 

8. Going back won’t help anyone.


Understand one thing, you don’t have to give yourself a choice of going back to your toxic partner. This is not a choice you should make. This choice can be dangerous.

9. Don’t get into a new relationship for revenge.

new relationship

Many people get into a quick relationship as soon as they end one. Well, it’s good to move on but you have to make sure you are in love with your new partner and aren’t doing anything out of revenge. Also, make sure you aren’t getting into another toxic relationship because you know how exhausting it can be. 

10. You deserve love.

you deserve love

Lastly, why should you suffer when you deserve a better life? When one is in a toxic relationship, they believe nothing good can happen to them or they lose faith in love. But, is it true? No. Just because of some bad relationships, you can’t stop yourself from finding your soulmate. So, don’t give up on love. You deserve the best partner. Keep looking for love. 

There is always that one person for you, who would make you feel special and loved.