11 Types of Friends We All Have in our Lives Kyonki Har Ek Friend Jaruri Hota Hai

After a certain period in life, it’s all about the new people we meet and bond we develop with them out of our blood relation. That relationship is called friendship. 

Friends are as important as air and oxygen for humans, without them life is tough to handle. It becomes difficult for a person to socialize, have a heart-to-heart conversation, feel free and comfortable and enjoy life to its fullest. 

Every relationship in the world has its specialty and merit so has friendship. True friends let each other grow. They sacrifice and compromise for the happiness of others if required. They cry and laugh together and help each other to walk out of the darkest phase of life. They become family. 

On Friendship Day, let’s remember every friend who came across our lives and made it memorable. Here is a list of types of friends we all make throughout our lives.

A Friend Jiske Pass Kabhi Paisa Nahi Hota (A Miser Friend)

Every time you ask for monetary help from these friends their ultimate answer would be—Paisa Nahi Hai. Even if they have money, they pretend to be the poorest amongst the friend group.  

They sometimes take their grief to the next level by saying—Etna Garib hu ke bohat dino se Kuch acha khaya Bhi Nahi. You get so touched by the pictorial description of your friend’s poverty that instead of asking for money, you tend to come out of their place by giving them some money. 

A Friend Jiske Puri Duniya He Books Hote Hai (An Intelligent Friend)

Friends who are always immersed in books. They eat, sleep, cry, and laugh with books. Their whole life revolves around gaining knowledge and buying new books. 

They are so smart that their one normal conversation with friends is equal to the one classroom session of the college. Such friends are merit for other friends who like to study one night before the exam. 

A Friend Jo Bhole Baba Ka Bhakt Hai (A Stoner Friend)

Even if the whole world crashes and turns into ashes, such friends would remain calm and zoned-out. Because they are busy in finding a safe planet in the universe. Their solution to all the worries, problems and troubles in life is a prasad from Lord Shiva. For them, being sober is not normal.   

A Friend Jiske Aasu Kabhi Khatam He Nahi Hote (An Emotional Friend)

Such friends are the pure soul in the friend’s group but they are tough to handle many times. The most critical situation is their breakups. When their heart is broken, they become thrice emotional and friends have a tough time handling them.

Emotional friends are a blessing. When they are drunk, they give some amazing impromptu speeches that are priceless and sweet. 

A Friend Jo Group Ka Superstar Hai (A Hero Friend)

There’s always one person in a group who flirts with almost anyone with extreme confidence. They think of themselves as a superstar or a Bollywood actor. 

They flirt with the opposite gender with such ease that you think it’s an easy task when it’s not. They are the charmer in the group.

A Friend Jo Maa Jaisa Pyaar Krta Hai (A Caring Friend)

A friend who cooks every day so that no one sleeps hungry. One who cleans regularly so that people visiting their house not call it a mess. One who remembers everyone’s birthdays and organize an event. 

Such friends are the ideal figure and everyone wants to live with them. 

A Friend Jo Dosto Pe Jaan Deta Hai (A Forever Friend)

A friend in need is a friend indeed, this proverb fits rightfully with such friends. Because, it doesn’t matter its midnight or you’ve stuck 100 km away from his place, they are just one call away. Even if you’re going through a bad heartbreak, they pull you out of the difficult phase of your life. They are the real gem and they never betray their friends. For them, friends are more or equal to the family.  

A Friend Jo Sirf Fekta hai (A bragger friend)

Some friends have the nature of showing off every new thing they purchase such as cars, mobile phones and other items. They even show off their partners many times. They are also the ones who claim to have punched four persons at a time while self-defense.

A Friend Jo Sirf Hastata hai (A Hilarious friend)

A friend with a hilarious sense of humor who makes every situation light and enjoyable. Such friends have the potential to become a stand-up comedian. They make everyone laugh their heart out with their filthy and stupid jokes.  

A Friend jiske pass Bohat paise hai (A rich friend)

Who doesn’t want a rich friend? A rich friend is the one who sponsors all the club parties and takes their friends on luxurious trips. Such friends are a giver for all the other friends. 

A Friend Jo Subke Problems Solve Krta Hai (A problem-solver friend)

Every friend groups have one member who gives the wisest solution to all the problems and everyone relies on their opinion. Everyone knows if this person is saying something then it would be the correct thing to do.

They have an image of a problem solver in the group because the wisest words come from their mouth. 

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