5 Most Effective Ways to Prevent and Manage Hypertension


Hypertension means increased blood pressure. What was earlier considered to be a middle aged problem is taking over the younger generations as well. The normal blood pressure of an adult is considered to as 120/80 mm Hg. But those people whose blood pressure is beyond 140/90 mm Hg have the problem of hypertension. This issue is now being discussed worldwide because of its growing numbers. This in fact is an invitation to other health ailments as well. In this manner it becomes important for us to take preventive measures against it or to manage it well if already are caught by it.

Here are some ways in which we can protect ourselves from this menace.    

Relieving Stress: “Relieving stress is the best means to curb hypertension.” This is what most doctors say. It is very important for us in general to reduce the amount of stress we take on a daily basis. By indulging ourselves in everyday yoga, walking, dancing, and talking to our loved ones we can relieve a large amount of stress.

Proper Diet: By taking in less salt i.e. sodium and taking a considerable amount of minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium is very much essential in maintaining a good diet against hypertension. “Wholegram products, low fats, nuts, fruits and vegetables are required in proper amount in a good diet.” According to some doctors.

Exercising and Sports Activities: Moderate exercise with high intensity is very much important for people to reduce their excess blood pressure. It very always obligatory for a person suffering from hypertension to indulge in physical exercises to remain healthy. Doctor too advises to perform any one outdoor sport to remain healthy and fit in this busy world.  

Taking Medicines: Medicines though cannot cure hypertension but help to reduce it significantly. It is important for a person suffering from hypertension to take medicines as prescribed by the doctors. Also to take care about the overdose of some medicines of high power. People generally take a lot of medicines sometimes which prove to be very harmful and can cause heart diseases as well.

Reducing Obesity: Most importantly, it is necessary for people to have healthy body weight and Body Mass Index. Obesity is the root cause of several diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular illness. It also increases the chance of having high blood pressure. If not taken care of, then it might also contribute to having hyper stress.

These are some ways of dealing with hypertension. But we must not neglect the fact that no matter how hard we try we can never avoid any health problem without having a healthy lifestyle. It boils down to one thing, how we live. That is the most important aspect of remaining healthy.