5 Sexist Bollywood Movies We Ignored But Shouldn’t have Because They’re Offensive and Criminal

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Bollywood has a history of regressive and sexist scenes ranging from stalking the girl to threatening suicide if the girl does not agree for marriage. The 90s was full of these kinds of movies with the audience rejoicing over the forceful romance. Though, with the passage of time, fortunately, both movie makers and the audience had a wake-up and drifted towards a more content-driven and realistic cinema. But even after the internet has called out the old regressive films, there have still been some releases with internal misogyny which we all chose to ignore. Here we bring you 5 regressive films post-internet era which we all chose to ignore.

  1. Judwaa 2: A David Dhawan directorial released in 2017 is the sequel of the 90s super hit venture Judwaa starring Salman Khan which could easily do away with the misogyny but it chose not to. The characters of Varun Dhawan both are highly problematic. He hits the girls, again and again, stalks her and gets into her personal space without possible repercussions and in fact both the girls fall for him. There have been scenes where he forces the girl into the swimming pool and even kisses her without her consent and nobody says a word.
  2. Raanjhanna: The Bollywood debut of the famous South Indian actor Dhanush starring Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar has several sequences that are severely problematic and should have been condemned. This 2013 film has the boy Kundan stalking Zoya, his love interest for the sake of impressing the girl and even cutting his hand blaming the girl saying if she agreed he would not have to do that. He even threatens to kill the girl if she does not agrees to be with him with the famous dialogue, “Pichlibaarapnikaatithi, issbaarterikaatenge.”
  3. Kabir Singh: This 2019 has been subjected to many controversies including the scene where Kabir slaps Preeti. Though, this film showcases some excellent acting performances by Shahid and Kiara with fine direction and surprisingly an original music album with no forceful remakes. But this movie had multiple sequences that were downright sexist and were very regressive. Preeti had been shown as a property for Kabir to declare without her permission and he even kisses her while he was just a stranger to her. She too is submissive to all the wrongdoings of Kabir.
  4. AeDilHaiMushkil: Even though this movie was big box office success and helps RanbirKapoor’s career to be back on track this movie ultimately portrays the mindset that if a girl wants to be just friends the boy has the right to emotionally blackmail her for years and flip a middle finger at her on her wedding and get away with it. Even if she has cancer, Ayan fights with Alizeh and forces her to feel guilty of loving him back as just a friend. He finally gets to be the hero by airport scene but was that enough for what he did throughout the movie?
  5. Housefull 4: The blockbuster movie of 2019 was the fourth installment of the successful Housefull franchise. This festive release was able to collect hundreds of crores at the box office even though it had plenty of problematic dialogues. “Aur kya chuparakha haitai khane mein?” “Akele mein toh milo!” were some dialogues that were the highlight of the film expected to make the audience laugh but were absolute chauvinist.