5 Shopping Spots in Delhi That You Must Visit

Shopping Spots in Delhi

As lockdown is relaxing in many cities of India and markets are opening again, you have a chance to refresh your wardrobe. Where else to go for street shopping than the capital city, Delhi itself? The place is rich with history and culture along with food, fashion, lifestyle, and the best shopping spots in Delhi that you must visit.

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Delhi is everyone’s favorite spot for shopping for fashionable clothes at cheap cost and good quality. It is full of different kinds of beautiful and traditional products that attract tourists. Large numbers of people gather to buys different types of items from these shopping spots in Delhi.

Here are some awesome shopping spots in Delhi that you must visit:

Delhi Haat

Delhi Haat is a one-stop station for people who are inclined towards handicraft and traditional products. From embroidery to stuffed animal toys, music, or records to food stalls, you get everything there in the market. It showcases the Indian tradition and culture with aptness. 

The shops and stores of the Delhi Haat are set up by rural artisans. The popular items in the Haat are bags, ethnic wear, paintings, and jewelry. If you want to buy indigenous products then Delhi Hatt is the best place from where you can shop.

Janpath Market

Janpath market is a hugely popular place for shopping in Delhi so you can expect a crowd there on weekends. It is also the best place to shop for Tibetan products, Gujarati handicrafts, and cheap western cloths. It also includes a flea market just like Sarojani. The only difference here is you would get more appropriate and trending clothes out here than the Sarojani market.

Paharganj Bazzar

This place is especially famous for bars, cafes, and hotels. You would find edgy jewelry items like bracelets, necklaces, junk jewelry, earrings, or pendants here. The items available here are unique and fashionable. You can hardly find anything better anywhere else. There is a separate small section for the kid’s clothing and flowers.

Sarojini Nagar Market

Sarojini Nagar market is a huge flea market. You get the best women’s clothing out there. You name the brand and you will find its product here, from Zara to Gucci, everything is here. You just need a shopper’s eye to find the best from not-so-best products. The price of the products is cheap—a tee shirt for women has a starting price of as less as Rs. 50- Rs. 100 per piece. 

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Apart from fashionable clothes, you get makeup products, shoes, plants, and household items there. The main thing you should know before going to this market is bargaining. Bargaining is very important before buying anything from this market.

Gaffer Market

Gaffar Market is the best place for shopping electronic products. If you are looking for the best electronic devices, head over to the Gaffar Market. All kinds of electronic devices you can find here.

You can easily get a better second-hand smartphone under only ₹8,000. This market is not much costly so you can go and buy different electronic items at a better range.

We don’t have to travel to places and get confused about where to shop because shopping spots in Delhi are enough to take care of your needs. From the cheapest clothes to the most fashionable clothes, the handicraft products as well as foreign goods, you can not get a satisfying shopping experience anywhere else other than here in these 5 shopping spots in Delhi.