7 Food myths we’re believing everyday that needs to stop

Food myths are prevalent all across the world. A food myth is a generally believed notion about food which is not true. With more scientific knowledge nowadays, people are more aware of what is healthy for their bodies and what is not. Even then there are several food myths and people still believe in that. Dieticians these days are bursting most of them, but in case you are not consulting one we have made it easy for you to burst some of the most widespread myths about the food we hear in our daily lives.

Myth 1: Don’t take milk immediately after eating fish. It will either make you sick or may lead to spots on your skin.

Fact: There is no scientific reason behind this. So, milk can be consumed after having fish. In fact, both food items can even be consumed together without any issue.

Myth 2: Eggs increase cholesterol level

Fact: Eggs are a healthy source of nutrients in the human body and provide protein, vitamin A, B, D, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus. The cholesterol is as per the daily requirement of our body. So, one egg a day will not any harm anyone.

Myth 3:  Exercise makes you eat more

Fact: Because exercise burns our calories it might increase hunger, but no scientific study has proved that the person who exercises more consumes more calories. In fact, their calorie level might just be lower.

Myth 4: Potatoes make you fat

Fact: Taking potatoes in moderate quantities will not make you. Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy. If completely left, might hamper the normal body functions.

Myth 5: Drinking while eating will make you fat because it dilutes the body enzymes and slows down digestion and increases body fat.

Fact: There is not truth in this statement. Though, drinking water before meal is more recommendable, but even if water is consumed during the meal, it will not make you fat.

Myth 6: Starving helps in reducing weight.

Fact: Eating a good diet is more significant than not eating at all. If somebody wants to lose weight he must include such items in his diet which increase the metabolism. Skipping a meal or supressing appetite does not help.

Myth 7: Fat-free products help you lose weight

Fact: They on the contrary lead to weight gain. These fat-free labeled food items might contain approximately the same or more amounts of calories as fat-rich food. Many people consume these items very much thinking they will lose weight but they end up gaining weight.