Assam flood needs attention more than prayers says Indian footballer, Sunil Chhetri.

Sunil Chhetri.

Where the whole country is fighting a brave battle against the deadly coronavirus, Assam is tacking two problems—Covid-19 and flood—simultaneously. The flood in Assam has affected its 27 out of 33 districts and has claimed more than 70 lives till now.

Assam is counted amongst one of the worst-hit states by flood in India every year. According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority, nearly 40 lakhs people have displaced and 3000 villages affected due to the flood. The government has set-up 400 relief camps in 24 districts and helping affected people with medical assistance and food.   

The popular, Kaziranga National Park, where one-horned rhinos are found is 90% submerged into the floodwater. So far at least 50 animals of the national park have dies and over 10 lakh domestic animals in the state are affected.

Sunil Chhetri, an Indian footballer has urged government and media to prioritize the situation in Assam through his tweet. He wrote on his tweeter handle, “Along with the prayers, Assam needs as much attention and help as possible to recover from the flood it is under.” For equal attention to the flood as it is given to the pandemic, Sunil further writes, “There’s been considerable loss of life – both man and animal, and I can only sincerely hope that the numbers don’t rise.”  

The north-eastern state is facing the twin challenge of Coronavirus and flood. The Covid-19 cases in the state have surged to 21,864 confirmed cases with the single-day rise of 1200 positive cases. The active cases in the state are 5,868 as per the data on 17th July.