Baba ka Dhaba trending on the internet, Zomato adds in its list

After the lockdown, an elderly couple, the owner of a small Dhaba “Baba Ka Dhaba”, lost their only source of earnings. After their video went viral on social media in which he is crying and seeking for help, many offered to help them financially.

Baba Ka Dhaba

Social media has really the power to do wonderful things. During the pandemic and the time of social distancing, social media brings people much closer in terms of helping each other.

Power of Social media

Once again social media proved its power in helping the needy ones. A video of an elderly man with his tear got viral within a few hours. The elderly man named Kanta Prasad with his wife  Badami Devi set up their dhaba named Baba Ka Dhaba in a little blue box, opposite Hanuman Mandir in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi, in 1980s.

The internet worked its fascinating and lead to bring a smile to the Prasad and his wife’s face.

Gaurav Wasan posted a video

The You Tuber Gaurav Wasan uploaded a video on Instagram in which the couple is seeking support from his followers. The 80 years old Prasad and his wife told about their struggles in selling their foods in Dhaba.

Flood of customers outside the Dhaba

After the video went viral, many people crowed Infront of Baba Ka Dhaba to help the couple. Long queues and flood of customers are outside the Baba Ka Dhaba, the power of the internet is really working for Baba Ka Dhaba.

Baba Ka Dhaba listed on Zomato

The food delivery service and an Indian restaurant aggregator, Zomato, also helped this couple by listing the Baba Ka Dhaba on its website.

Message from Prasad

A new video of Prasad is also getting viral on social media where he is giving a message to everyone. “Sabki madad honi chaiye. Hum akele nahi hain. Duniya main bohat pade hain jinko khane ke liye dane ke liye ghar nahi hai. Khane ko roti nahi hai (Every local vendor should be helped.  We are not the only ones. There are many who don’t have food to eat and house to live),” he said.

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