5 Lessons Coronavirus is teaching Human Beings.

With the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, human beings have gotten a taste of their own medicine. How? Mother nature has given us a wonderful world to live but despite caring and protecting it, we have made every attempt to exploit the available resources, including animals who are our co-habitants. 

Climate change was a heated topic in 2019, Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist, talked to famous leaders of the world to look into the matter. But nothing worked as rapidly as she expected. People were busy in their lives and politicians in their low-priority things, as if the world wasn’t facing any crisis, or there was much time to act upon these issues.

Now, when coronavirus has crawled into our lives, we are forced to keep ourselves caged (quite similar to what we do to our animals). Well, things would have been different if we would have raised our kids to respect the planet and take care of it. 

The present situation is, everyone is united. At least everyone is fighting with coronavirus together. Only if we had done this in the past, Earth would it have been a safer place! 

Meanwhile, let’s learn about 5 life-changing lessons COVID-19 is teaching to humans.

It’s been long since we have been quarantined and following the rules of lockdown. Everyone is bored, everyone wants to get out of it. But do you realize you can develop some new views about your life, people, and this world? If not, we are going to help you to see a different world after the pandemic. 

1. Nature is above science.


We think we have solved every riddle of this planet and know everything about it. But, every-now-and-then, we are surprised by its unpredictability. Coronavirus vaccine is yet to be made and experts say it might not be possible until next year. 

If you don’t believe in any spiritual power or energy, then take this disease as a precautionary step from nature to heal itself.

How Nature is healing itself during the lockdown?

  • There is a 20 % decline in pollution globally during the first two weeks of the lockdown in 27 countries. In New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore, there is a fall of 71 % in air pollutants. 
  • Animals are living a free life without intruders, human. 
  • Due to less pollution, the ozone layer is healing. 

2. The world needs more doctors and health staff.


The way the whole world is tackling coronavirus, one thing is sure that no one has done it perfectly. No country, big or small, powerful or less powerful, had any proper strategy and plan to fight against the pandemic. This shows, we never really invested much in the health sector. We created missiles, arms and weapons, and fighter planes but not enough doctors to save everyone.

Does India have enough doctors? 

  • According to a survey by WHO, the ratio of doctors and patients in India is 1:1000. There is only one doctor for a thousand patients. 
  • For more than 15 lakhs medical aspirants, there are only 535 medical colleges in India with about eighty thousand seats. 

The way doctors, health workers, and staff are saving the lives of people, they truly deserve respect and good wages. They are working as an Army by protecting us from our enemy, coronavirus. 

In this crucial time of the pandemic, we need to understand that there is no profession bigger than medical. No cricketers, no actors, no politicians are bigger than who are saving our lives from the deadly virus. 

Most of the people are paying tribute to them by social media posts, videos, and cappings. But still, some shameless people are attacking doctors and other health workers. Such incidents are cruel and deserve harsh punishment.

3. Equality – Each job has its importance.


In India, people treat these workers, who keep our society and country clean by sweeping, cleaning drainage, and collecting garbage, with low respect. They don’t treat them with respect. 

There always comes that class and status. To them, there is a question, who is keeping you safe now? Is it your money, power, status, or these people who are working tirelessly everywhere to keep every corner of the country sanitized and clean?  

Every job is equally important and everybody’s role in society is essential. We all are co-dependent. 

Also, Coronavirus is an unbiased virus, which doesn’t see religion, gender, caste, or person’s status in society before infecting them. So, we all are equal now. 

4. Jobs are not as secure as we thought they are.


The pandemic has brought the real face of industries in front of people. Most of them are not as strong as they sound. And, none of them are immune to this disastrous virus.  

Big organization’s disaster management team is a total flop in such a situation because nobody cared enough. Millions of people across the globe have either lost their jobs or serving notice period, and many are taking salary cuts. The world is in recession and nobody was prepared for this. 

5. Saving money is not that tough.


It’s time to invest money in medical insurance, and save some for essential times. Life is unpredictable and anything can happen. So, you must have a plan for the future. A simple life doesn’t cost much. 

Keep some savings so that you and your family can live a decent life in such a pandemic situation. Coronavirus has taught us that life can be turned upside down in a blink, so keep yourself safe and healthy. Always care for yourself and your family and keep the money for such a difficult situation.