Every success begins with a struggle story


Yash Agnihotri


A star in the making, Yash Agnihotri, who comes from a lower-middle-class family, is an inspiration for all who dare to dream big. 

People who don’t choose their defeat until they are truly defeated. Such people rise to become an inspiration for many. This is true in the case of a Delhi-based aspiring actor, Yash Agnihotri. He never lets odd circumstances become an obstacle between him and his dreams. 

“I have taken small roles to keep my passion for acting alive. In a way, it also means that I’m preparing myself for the longer race of life”, said the twenty-five-year-old, Yash. At the age of fourteen, he discovered his acting skills when a teacher asked him to entertain the class for sometime. “I did it. I could hear the sound of applause from my classmates. It was a thrilling experience. That day, I realised I can be an entertainer and I had no doubt about it”, he said. 

Yash Agnihotri

It was tough for Yash to find the right path to walk on. Many people suggested him a safer career option; some told to stop dreaming; and a few, who knew his talent, encouraged him. 

There were a lot of questions in the beginning, but Yash was determined to find their answers. Like every dreaming actor in Delhi, Yash also thought of applying for the National School of Drama (NSD), but he was disheartened to know about the eligibility criteria—only Graduates can apply and the student must have been part of at least 6 plays.

For graduation, Yash chose commerce, and he honed his acting skills by taking part in college fests and functions. He has been a part of one episode of Crime Petrol. Apart from this huge opportunity, he spent his college life by doing street plays and Ramleelas. 

In those years when Yash couldn’t find much work in acting, he learned a new skill, photography. He now owns a camera after saving money for three years from his part-time job. “Big things take time. My camera symbolizes my patience and hard-work. I have understood that we don’t get things easily in our lives.”


The phrase ‘follow your heart’ sounds fancy and easy but it isn’t. To keep listening to the heart when things are odd and there’s no support is very difficult. So, how has Yash managed to follow his heart for so long? “To achieve a bigger goal in life, one needs to set several smaller goals and keep achieving them. For me, buying a camera was one of them.”

Thankfully, Yash is getting enough support from his parents and an elder sister. Although society behaves bitterly with him. He says, “Society isn’t hopeful about my future but I am. I know they will accept me when I would achieve something better in life.”

Yash hasn’t seen many failures yet but for him every role he auditions for is important. “Rejection helps me to improve my craft and become a better actor.” His favourite actor is Irrfan and Sharukh Khan. He wishes to be artistic in choice of films and roles like Irrfan; and entertaining like the king khan of the Bollywood. 


Indian cinema can be cruel for the outsiders with no connection in the film industry. Yash is well-aware of the situation, he says, “I know it won’t be easy for me but I can’t stop trying because of the fear of failing. A good actor always gets recognition sooner or later.” With faith in his craft and determination in his eyes, Yash is walking unstoppably towards his goals.

The struggle story of Yash Agnihotri would surely encourage people to follow their dreams and work hard to achieve them. 

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