Five Tips: How to Make Long-Distance Relationship Work


There are people who find long-distance relationship scary or impractical. Long-distance relationships are not as scary as they sound. In fact, they’re not at all scary. If you know certain tricks to keep your love alive, you can sail through the rough days.

Although, there are many people who feel long-distance relationships are not an ideal way of dating. Through this article, we are going to prove those people wrong. Love doesn’t succumb because of distance; it fails because couples fail to keep the charm of their relationships alive.  

Even the thought of living away from the partner brings immense pain. We fear loneliness and suffering. But, the question is love/relationship some kind of restriction? 

You are possibly away from your partner due to the following reasons:

  • Different cities/ countries
  • Separate career choices
  • Professional commitments

Now that you know the reason why you two are living apart, and that it is for the growth and good of both, you understand that love is not only about staying together forever. But, also supporting and respecting each other’s decisions, and waiting for them.  

Here are 5 tips that will help you to keep your long-distance relationship work. 

1.Talk out your issues, don’t let it grow in long distance relationship.

In a long-distance relationship, chances of miscommunication are huge as couples get busier in their respective lives. And become a little irresponsible about protecting and sustaining their relationships. So in such cases, fighting is normal but to elongate a fight can turn disastrous for a relationship.  

Here is what you need to do when getting a we need to talk situation:

  • You really need to talk. There’s no shortcut to this.
  • Don’t avoid/ignore calls or messages.
  • If the problem is big then, don’t settle it over the phone. In this case, meet and discuss.
  • Try to understand each other not fight just for the sake of fighting.   

2. Trust, trust, just trust in a long-distance relationship.

You need to have faith in your partner and trust him/her. We humans automatically attract negative thoughts and start picturing, possibly, all wrong things. Here we need to pull the brakes of our imagination and stop ourselves. Most of the fiction created by our brains is untrue. So relax!

Stay loyal to each other. There’s nothing best than a true, honest relationship.  

3. Be part of their world and let them be a part of yours. 

Okay, this one is tough. Life doesn’t/ shouldn’t stop in somebody’s absence. You would/should make new friends, talk about your lifestyle at a new place, and have fun with people. 

It shouldn’t be a concern for the other person in the relationship. I know it’s tough but believe me, if you overcome this feeling of insecurity, you will feel light and elated. 

Accept your partner’s new life wholeheartedly. Because the more you get comfortable listening to his/her stories the more he/she will share. This will help you to strengthen your bond and deepen your love and friendship.   

Allow each other in the world you have created without that person. Share your feelings constantly and do some quality talk. 

4. Nothing big; a small surprise will work in a long-distance relationship.

Small surprises do wonders. Have you tried sending your partner his/her favourite flower on a random day? Or cooked favourite food on a video call together? If these sounds like a big task then, you can try any of these mentioned here:

  • Wear clothes gifted by your partner, take a picture, and send it. (A complimentary ‘I miss you’ text would be cute.)
  • Letters have evergreen charm. (LETTERS! Not a word doc. file) 
  • Send your funny videos (Best for rough days)
  • The midnight talks.
  • Get delivered a small gift at his/her office.
  • Share your real feelings on a video call. (If want to cry, then cry. There’s nothing wrong with missing each other.)  

5. Plan a trip to your partner’s place because you both deserve that. 

At least once, visit your partner’s city. There’s nothing lovely than meeting after a long time. You will be amazed by the sensation you would feel after hugging each other. ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is indeed true. 

You surely deserve one meeting after patiently waiting too long for each other. 


In the words of Dee King, “Love will travel as far as you let it. It has no limits”. So, don’t let distance ruin your beautiful relationship.