Five Yoga Asanas To Do At Home

Some say Yoga asanas is checking the impulses of mind while others say that it means attaining a pose. Whatever it is, one cannot deny that it is one of the best places of remaining fit without going to the gym or doing the heavy workout. In addition, it also doesn’t always need a trainer and can be performed easily by the people at home. They, in fact, increase our immune level and relieve us from stress. Let’s go through some of the yoga asanas you can do at home and how it would benefit you.


Sukhasana yoga asanas

Procedure: Sit straight with legs in front of your body. Then bend the right leg and place the left foot under the left thigh. After that, bend the left leg and place the foot under the right thigh. Keep the hands on the knees in such a way that the palms should rest on the knees. Keep your head, neck, and back straight. Close your eyes and relax the whole body.

Benefits:  It is a good meditative posture and improves concentration. It also reduces fatigue, improves leg’s strength and flexibility. 


Tadasana yoga asanas

Procedure: Lift your arms upward and stretch them. Raise your heels and come on your toes. Also, pull up your body upward after some time, breathe out and come to your previous position.

Benefits: It increases height and reduces obesity. Tadasana asanas develop and activate the nerves of the body. It also cures constipation and other problems of digestion. It also reduces the problem of flat feet. 


Padmasana yoga asanas

Procedure: Sit on the floor and stretch your legs. They should be straight in front. Hold the right leg with both hands. Fold the legs slowly and place it on your left thigh. Then lift the left foot and in the same way place it on the right thigh. The backbone should be straight and erect. Place your arms on your knees. Your both hands should be together and put the arms facing upside the knee joints and thumb must touch your index finger and other fingers should face upward. Focus on your breathing.

Benefits: It reduces the unwanted fat of the hips and thigh. It calms the brain and increases its memory power. It controls diabetes. And it also helps in reducing abdominal fat.



Procedure: Lie down flat on the mat with your feet together and arms sideways. Start inhaling and as you exhale, lift your chest and feet above the ground with your arms stretching towards the feet. Keep breathing deeply and easily while maintaining the hold. Hold this position for a few seconds. Now, exhale and come back to the ground slowly and relax.

Benefits: It tones the muscles of the leg. It strengthens the back and abdominal muscles. It also reduces the belly fat and helps indigestion.



Procedure: Stand erect with your arms by your body side. Bend your right knee and place the right foot on the left thigh. Your left leg should be straight. The right leg should be perpendicular to the left. Then extend your arms above your head. Inhale and try to make Namaskar. Maintain proper balance. Repeat the same with the left leg.

Benefits: It reduces knee problems. It improves the balance and stability of the legs. It also increases the flexibility of the leg and chest muscles.

There are other yoga asanas apart from these as well which you might do at home to improve your fitness levels like Garurdasana and Shashankasana. Yoga is very healthy and one of the easiest practices we can do to stay healthy.