Former Assistant Professor of Computer Applications, Ekta Gupta is the new face of the modern and innovative teaching

On this Teacher’s day, the ThinkHatkee team has brought a story of an amazing Computer Application professor who believed she can change the rote-learning education culture and upgrade it for the better. And she succeeded.


We have been cribbing about our flawed education system for quite a long time, but what step have we taken to fix it? Probably, none. A Delhi-based professor, Ekta Gupta is different from us. She couldn’t ignore the consequences of a badly-structured syllabus in schools and colleges. So, she took the charge to change it. 

“Theory is not enough; we need to focus more on the practical knowledge of students. It’s important that there is a regular revision in the syllabus of technical programs such as BCA and BTech”, said the former HOD of Computer Application, Ekta Gupta. 

Recalling the college incident, she says: “I asked a few questions related to C++, a computer programming language, to my students and they were unable to answer them. Instead, they said ‘ma’am, in exam we don’t get many practical-based questions. There’re mostly theory-based questions. So, why should we learn them?’ I was disappointed by their response, but yes, they were right. Why would any student choose practical questions when they can easily score by attempting theory-based questions?” She believes that our education system focuses more on obtaining marks than knowledge; this needs to change. After college, it is a student’s ability to code well would help them to land a job and not only their percentages.   

Amit Srivastava

Ekta worked as an assistant professor over 7 years before quitting it to start her own institute, Brain Mentors with her husband, Amit Srivastava. “I started Brain Mentors in 2015 with the sole objective of developing the skills of students. In IT sector or any other industry, students have a job role in which they have to excel. For example, it can be of Front End Developer, Backend Developer, Data Scientist, Mobile Developer, Game Developer etc. We focus on grooming the skills students so that they don’t face any struggle while getting and doing the job. We act as a bridge between the college and the dream company of the students’ choice.”

Ekta’s husband is a software engineer that helped the education institute they both started together. “He knows the latest software in the market and I have the academic background. We both agreed to the idea of having our institute and we were well supported by our families”, she said. She wanted students to get an education which is a perfect blend of theory and practical. “In our institute, we have designed the syllabus in a way that it has 90% practical and 10% theory.” To understand technologies and software, we need to stick more with the concept of ‘learn by doing it’.  

Brain Mentors’ first batch had only 20-30 students, and now thousands of students enroll for the Summer batches as it has become one of the popular coaching institutes in Delhi for learning Computer Applications. 

ekta gupta

The co-founder of Brain Mentors, Ekta shares her view on the introduction of coding in schools from class 6: “I’m happy with the government’s decision. It is the need of the hour by keeping the pandemic in mind and the pace with the IT sector is booming. Students need to be comfortable with technology and coding because this is the future.”