Google to give its employees Friday off and other firms should learn from it


Google on Friday, that is, September 4 gave its employees an additional off-day ahead of the Labour Day weekend making the holiday a four-day event.

 The company through an internal message asked employees, which also included interns to take the Friday off in order to avoid stress and exhaustion keeping in mind the “collective wellbeing” of its staff members. The additional Friday off had the objective to provide the employees with a mental pause following hectic seven months of work amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reports say, “Managers were asked to reschedule the work of their subordinates in line with the additional off so that every employee can enjoy the extra paid leave.” The internal message had allegedly stated that those whose work can’t be postponed due to prior commitments should be given off on the next available working day, if possible.

It did not include technical staffs

However, the technical staff did not get the opportunity to take the Friday off to which the company said, “We are exploring something similar for them while going over, and providing support to customers is also important.” Meanwhile, employees on a predetermined basis and on third-party enrolment were also not given the extra Friday off as Google said that their actual employer would have to make that decision. 

Grabbed people’s attention

The netizens were quite impressed by it and said this should be followed by many tech giants.

“The collective wellbeing should be incorporated by many other companies. It is the need of the hour.” They said

“Google is the trendsetter in terms of responsibility towards staff and employees.” Many added.