Hathras case: No signs of sexual assault were found on the victim’s body, said UP Police

Amid extensive call for justice for Hathras gang-rape victims, the SP Vikrant Vir said that no proof of tongue being cut off or any other signs of sexual assault were found on the victim’s body by the doctors.

As indignation continues to raise over the death of 19 years old Dalit women from Hathras, Uttar Pradesh.

The UP Police has asserted that Hathras victim assaulted and claimed choked by four accused which caused harm to her nervous system. And then left her paralyzed.

Talking to the media, Hathras SP Vikrant Vir said that there were no signs of sexual assault that were found on the victim’s body by doctors, and reports of her tongue being cut off were also not true.

“No signs of sexual assault were confirmed by doctors in either Hathras or Aligarh. The matter will be probed by doctors through forensic help. No signs of abrasion were found on the victim’s private parts,” the Hathras SP Vikrant said.

The police officer also contradicts claims that the Hathrasgangrape victim’s tongue was gash or that her backbone was tired out.

According to the reports, the victims bit the women’s tongue as the accused tried to choke her after raping her. As a result, she suffered from more pain and deep cuts on her tongue.

“The news of cutting off the victim’s tongue is completely wrong, we had recorded the statement of the victim. Also, there have been reports that her backbone was broken, it’s wrong. She was strangled and received injuries on her neckbone which led to all complications,” the Hathras SP added.

Acting to the assertion of failures in the Hathrasgangrape inquiry, the SP Vikrant said, “On September 14, the victim’s family had complained of molestation and assault. She was sent to Aligarh where she became stable and she gave a statement accusing three more people and also alleged gangrape. An FIR was registered and all were arrested.”

The Hathras gang rape case: On September 14, a 19-year-old woman from Hathras, was gang-raped by four upper-caste men. After that, she died in the Safdarjung hospital, Uttar Pradesh as she was in the critical condition. Her body was secretly burnt by the UP police officers past midnight in the absence of her family members. The gruesome act by therapists is criticized across the world along with the unethical cremation of the girl’s body by the police officers.