Hathras case: Victim’s family members and police officers to undergo narco test

The UP government on Friday suspended five policemen, including the top Hathras district officials for botching of the Hathras case. The state government is also planning for the polygraphic and Narco analysis test of the persons involved in this case, including these policemen and even the deceased family survivors.

Keeping in view the conflict between the victim’s assertions that she was gang-raped on 14th September and the state government postmortem report, the planning for the Narco and polygraph test is to be expected of including the 19-year-old victim’s family members in this case.

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Nacro analysis test is commonly used for detecting the lies. The UP government wants to know about the involvement of these policemen and the victim’s family member through this test.

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath composed the SIT after the national wide indignation over this Hathras case. The investigation team, guided by the home secretary BhagwanSwarup, is expected to submit his report within seven days.

For the present, the UP police have sealed the Hathras case village averting the media to enter the village and the journalists to meet victims’ family members. The police have also grabbed the phones of the family members and are put under their surveillance.

On September14, a 19 years old Dalit woman was brutally raped by four upper-classmen. She suffers from many brutal injuries, paralysis and her tongue was cut off by biting on it. After two weeks of rape, she died in the hospital in Delhi.