How a single day made Prince Jinoy a popular youtuber.

Youtuber Prince Jinoy

YouTuber Prince Jinoy, a musician, public speaker, rapper and poet, has impressed several people with his productive and creative video content on Youtube.

What happened with YouTuber Prince Jinoy a few years back is now a new normal for the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

He woke up to an ordinary day, got ready, took a metro and reached his office. To his surprise, the HR came with a paper and a pen and asked him to sign the paper. He asked, “What’s this?” To which the HR replied, “Your termination letter”. Her words echoed in his mind for too long; long enough to make his legs weak and heart cry.

He left the office after signing the paper and spent the whole day thinking—what he would tell to his parents if he reaches home early? That’s why he passed his time on one street to another till his working hour was over. “That was a really sad day. I was in Connaught place for several hours just to hide the truth from my parents. I didn’t know what to tell them”, he recalled. 

Life unfolds itself slowly. One moment, you think everything is over and there’s nothing better left to happen. And, in another moment, your heart is filled with tremendous joy, hope and excitement for life. 

Something similar happened with Prince. “When I came back home, out of disappointment, I started looking for my older Youtube videos on my channel, Undiscovered Truth. I found one of my videos has gone viral.

It got more than 1 lakh views and a lot of positive comments. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I was on cloud nine at that time.” He found his happiness not where he lost it, but where he should have truly looked for—his dreams. 

From that day, he never looked back. He worked tirelessly to make his channel successful for two years, and now, Prince is a famous Youtuber with more than 1.5 million subscribers.His video contents include motivational speeches, inspiring short stories, poetries and Shayari. Apart from being a motivational speaker, he also has a keen interest in rapping and writing songs. 

He has featured in a song by Manan Bhardwaj and Sarthak, Bewafa tera yun muskurana. The song has been viewed by lakhs and liked by thousands of Youtube users. He has also written and composed a song Jane Kya Hua and sang along with another musician, Funkar. The song has more than sixty thousand views on Youtube. 

How Prince Jinoy, a Youtube sensation is in real life? 


“I am grounded. I’m no star or celebrity. People don’t know me by face but my words, and that’s the biggest achievement for me. When I see people watching my videos on metros or buses, I feel proud. I feel I’m being heard; I have my own identity now.” 

Despite his success and craze on Youtube, he is humble and sweet. He has set two goals for his life for now. “I want to be the greatest motivational speaker ever born, and a lyricist, who is known for several famous songs in Bollywood.” Apart from these bigger goals, he wishes to earn enough money to keep his family happy.