How media spread fake news against Shushant Singh Rajput

sushant singh rajput

Mostly an article on Bollywood celebrities consists of blind items, information from unknown sources, sensationalism, inappropriate photos of actress’ body and a lot of Photoshop

Media can tame reputation of a celebrity 

Lots and lots of media coverage regarding their personal lives come from unknown sources. We as consumers believe most of it without considering the fact that they might be baseless. We might not even think for once what impact they would have on the people they are written about. Before being celebrities they are normal human beings like us.

This case was recently highlighted by the actress Kangana Ranaut. She shared a video from her Instagram handle of her team talking about this false reporting done by some reputed journalists happening severely with late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Media didn’t favour Sushant Singh Rajput

Kangana Ranaut rightfully noted every single article which was written blindly, i.e. the news provided followed by a description of the actors without taking the names. This indirectly hampers the reputation of the actor without even the media house taking the charge of authenticity of the report. She spoke, “These people intentionally write these articles to blemish the names of the outsiders who are in the showbiz without a godfather.

Actress Kriti Sanon too wrote on her social media handle addressing the same insensitive and derogatory reporting by the media houses. She wrote, “People should be dignified while reporting, and these blind items should actually be banned.” In this long post, she also mentioned how social media today is one of the fakest places and how someone can spread a rumour and how that can have an everlasting negative impact on an individual.

Before SSR’s death, a lot was written in media about him and all negative, why?

There were numerous reports by the media houses on Sushant Singh Rajput throughout his career where news was just passed out without evidence. There were reports that he was slapped by his ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande in 2015. Post MS Dhoni release he was often accused of charging too much money and being arrogant after success. Reports also said that they heard from few close ‘sources’ that he broke up with his long term girlfriend Ankita because he wanted to maintain a reputation in Bollywood and so he started dating Kriti Sanon.

Accused Sushant Singh Rajput of harassing his co-star

Not only this but some media houses also showed half videos to prove how he talked rudely with the media during his press conferences. But the limits of irresponsible journalism were crossed when during the #metoo movement he was allegedly accused by media houses of harassing his co-stars. This news was later proved false when his co-stars took on their social media to write about how these claims were baseless.

Media’s Favouritism for Star kids

One after the other these items were written circulated and read by the masses. These news items were published by the media houses like E24, Zoom, Mirror Now, and many others. But if we notice not everyone is reported equally by the media. How many articles have we seen recently about the people with a big surname? How many articles have we read about the insiders? How many times have we read blind items with the hints like “This actor comes from a filmy background?”

Actually, very few. After the success of the films like Judwaa 2, Raazi, Neerja, Mubakarkan, their actors too had raised their fees. How many articles called them arrogant? Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and other actors too had breakups. How many journalists said they did so to maintain their ‘star’ status?

After they give a mediocre performance, we get flooded by thousands of stories on our google feed on how they worked hard to get in shape and prepare for the role. How many times we were told about how Nawauddin Siddique or Rajkumar Rao prepared for their roles. Gully Boy and Raazi both were sent for Oscars, Queen, and Gangs of Wasseypur didn’t.

We read about Kangana supposedly doing ‘black magic’ if she wooed a boy, we didn’t hear such baseless and superstitious stories about other actresses who wooed other actors.

Report fake news as soon you read it

It’s high time that we refuse to consume such false and biased reporting done by people who call themselves as journalists and start to report such blind articles or the articles which come from so called ‘sources’. It’s time to wake up.