How nepotism is pushing ‘new talent’ to doubt their worth

The sudden demise of super talented Sushant Singh Rajput has again led to the debate of nepotism in Bollywood. It was first started off by Kangana and since then this topic has been the talk of the town. The flag bearers of nepotism in Bollywood are considered to be Karan Johar. But how far is it correct? Let’s dissect nepotism in Bollywood part wise.

sushant singh rajput

First, what is nepotism? Nepotism is the practice in which the people in power run favoritism for their friends or relatives by giving them a job or preference. If we have look at the big fat debut, we notice that most of them are for star kids. When was the last time you saw a debut face being launched by a big production being an outsider? Mostly, these are star kids or the friends of star kids barring a few.

It is not only restricted to a launch but also to giving them preference in awards. If you track the award of the best debutant in past 10 years, maximum have been given to the star kids. In fact, the best actor and actress too often denied to the brilliant actors who do not have a connection. Awards also go to the film which catered to the mass, not the film which was critically acclaimed.

Apart from all of this, even if a star kid fails after launch, he is given several opportunities to prove his worth. Whereas, an outsider has to work hard for years to get similar opportunities like working with big production houses, getting lead roles, or even a decent budget. It’s obviously not bad to support your children. But to take away the opportunities from the people who truly deserve it, makes it inhuman.

Not only restricted to this, but they are also often bullied for their language, clothes, and financial background which they do not have control over. They are often not invited to parties and neglected. They do not feel like included and always have the feeling of being an outsider.

The treatment by the media too is very partial. The amount of coverage, importance, and interviews they get is very less as compared to the star kids. And not just, this nepotism and dynasty’s rule is all over the world. In every field, the attention and preferences given to people who are maybe a relative or family to people in power is an actual issue.

And it is not the only Bollywood to blame. It’s us too. If we compare the number of followers a struggling actor has on Instagram versus a star kid who still hasn’t made his debut yet, we will know where the problem lies. 

Once Karan Johar in his interview said, “It’s my choice to whether launch my relative or a friend’s relative. I am not obliged to launch anyone else.” But then it is our choice to honor films which honor talent, not nepotism. 

The day, we will make a movie with good talent and script a blockbuster, the charts will change! Until then, let us mourn for a talent that will always be irreplaceable.