How quarantine is an opportunity to say goodbye to your bad habits

 Quarantine Days

Lockdown for 21 days! Is it some kind of conspiracy against junk food lovers, shopaholics, and secret smokers? Tell me it’s not true because it would be hard to swallow. Technically, it takes only 21 days to form a habit. A bad habit or a good habit that depends on the person. So, is this quarantine some kind of opportunity for people who wanted to follow the 21-days rules and never got time for that?   

Indian Government has decided to lock down the entire country for 21 days due to Coronavirus pandemic, not less not more as of now. So, should we bang our heads against the wall and wait for the time to pass, which in this quarantine is snailing, or should we use these 21 days to give up our bad habits? 

This article is to make you realize how these 21 days are bliss, not a curse. And, of course, how is it helping your bad habits to die secretly. Keep reading for the answers.

The abandoned plans


It’s time to finish your incomplete tasks. Like you wanted to exercise but your exhausting office days made it impossible. You wanted to maintain a diet chart but it never happened. Or, you wanted to learn a new skill through online classes. For all those things you earlier said time nahi hai yaar is now possible. So why miss such a lovely opportunity. 

I know it sounds like too much work while you would prefer some lazy quarantine days but think, hopefully, this could never happen again. You might not ever get some much time for something you really wanted to do.  

Goodbye to junk food, only ghar ka khana


How about absconding junk food and try healthy food instead? You have got a chance to cook delicious food or learn how to cook delicious food. Missing chole-kulche, momos, samosas, pizzas is not an option in this quarantine. Live those simpler days, you craved for.

This is the time to realize how junk food has badly affected your body and mind. Time to detoxicate your body and increase immunity.   

If you are at home, you are lucky to have mom-made food. Also, you can help her kitchen or get some cooking tips from her. How about cooking dinner for your family on weekends?

Get rid of your slothfulness


Of course, you gonna act like a sloth. Remember the regular weekends, when you hardly get out of your room, unless you had a friend come home that was capable of dragging you down the stairs. We all are a sloth on weekends. But, the quarantine days are different. Now, you have almost nothing to do!

You can get rid of procrastination and get into some life-changing activities. For example: 

  • Film yourself or your pet
  • Maintain a diary
  • Design clothes
  • Read/write a book
  • Paint things like cup, box, pot, bottle, and face! 

There’s a lot to do, and these 21 days can give a massive boost to your present or upcoming career.  

You can be a non- smoker


This is the best time to quit smoking. How? The whole country is under lockdown, you are allowed to come out only for groceries and essential stuff. Probably, this time you can eliminate a packet of cigarettes from your list of essential things. Sounds tough, right? So why not take little steps. 

  • Use out of sight, out of mind formula. Control your mind, don’t let the other way happen.
  • Don’t smoke in front of your family.
  • Don’t buy a packet of cigarettes, buy one at a time. During the lockdown, shops are open only for limited hours in a day. 

The above tricks will definitely slow down your consumption of cigarettes. When there’s too much effort to get something, people tend to quit it. Also, we know how dangerous is smoking for the lungs, and in this pandemic situation, we need to keep our lungs healthy. 

Final words…

Lastly, addressing some common issues we all are facing during quarantine, such as feeling of sadness, loneliness, and anger. Doctors say these are common and natural. So don’t worry. Before we get our freedom back, we need to brave these 21 days. 

Take this 21-days as a challenge to improve yourself.

Stay home, Stay Safe.