How to Cherish Your Hobbies During Coronavirus Quarantine Time?

Coronavirus Quarantine has given us plenty of a resource that is time. Coronavirus Quarantine time was something we were after these many years and the moment while we finally received it, it has become difficult for us to decide how to utilize it. We are bored of all the TikTok challenges, Instagram shows off and all the status putting on Whatsapp. Can we for a flash of time contemplate that this quarantine has brought us the opportunity to discover or hidden talents or to hone our hobbies? It isn’t that tough to finally overcome procrastination and work on our hobbies which we believed was destructed in the past due to our duties. Let’s see if we can!

Cooking for Fun During Coronavirus Quarantine time

Coronavirus Quarantine time

Cooking has always been something that we did as our daily chore. That was necessary for our survival. But now, all due to the lockdown we have the time to cook for fun. Like, discovering that we could actually bake a cake as good as the bakery shops or that we could try a whole new paneer recipe. Also, this might be a fruitful time to teach our children some basic dishes which might not be possible for them to learn when the schools or colleges are reopened. So, switch on YouTube, plunge into a cooking channel, and see what comes out!

Dancing and Singing Once Again

Coronavirus Quarantine time

Growing up, almost we all have this hobby of dancing in school annual day or singing in any event or even when a guest comes in and our mother makes us embarrassed while asking us to perform in from of them. But thankfully due to the lockdown, we rarely do have any guests at home. So, there’s no scope of embarrassment. We can learn new dance forms taught in the television channels or practice any musical instrument we already have at home or to sing any of the nineties songs on a loop on karaoke.

Painting done right During Coronavirus Quarantine time

Quarantine Time

When was the last time you picked up your paintbrush or maintained a sketchbook? When was the last time you used crayons or even seen colors properly? Once we grow up, the significance of colors in our life only remains for choosing dresses for our closet or from deciding curtains. Painting gives joy to children adults alike. There are so many teenagers who gave up painting because of the increased syllabus and peer pressure. Can’t we just take time to paint our hearts out?

Solving cross words? Good  Idea!

Coronavirus Quarantine time

Yes, many of our nerds just love solving either Sudoku or crosswords. But with the passage of time this hobby which exercised our brain and helped us to learn something new and valuable faded somehow. Now, in this self-quarantine not only can we begin this habit of ours but also can exercise our brains a lot by solving these. Well, who knows? What if we just start having a competition with our family members on who solves first or who gets most words? Sort of family bonding, isn’t?

Knitting, the age-old Classic During Quarantine time

Coronavirus Quarantine time

Not only do our mothers or grandmothers but we too would like to knit or make our favorite kind of table cloths or even sweaters for our daily use. Or just learn a new form of knitting or complete our child’s half knitted cardigan. Knitting would not only be an ideal job to do when you’re free as of now but it would be a chance to get used most of the old clothes at home which you would be figuring out how to disperse or what to do with it.

Cleaning, you hear it Right!

cleaning in Quarantine Time

True. There are some very seldom people on our planet who just love to clean. They do. They just love sweeping once again or to take old belongings to dust it off. These are the people we find all around us. With our busy schedules, we were unable to help them out or to clean ourselves. For us, this was something to be done by the housekeepers. But let’s take out our previous albums and just off the first stuck over our childhood pictures or take out our mother’s utensils which are just used in Holi every year to clean them out.

What About Exercising?


Every gym freak is now bored in this self-quarantine time. They cannot go to their gym until it is on the ground floor of their apartment. They have lost their chance of working and enhancing their biceps a little more. What about exercising at home with family and friends? Or what about practicing Yoga every single day? That would not only boost up our immune system but also help us to utilize our time in the best manner. 

Reading and Writing


Started a book series but didn’t get time to complete it? Watched a movie and want to read the novel it was based on? It’s your time. Had writing as your hobby? Wanted to write something memorable for your parents? This is your time. What better to do this quarantine than to read and write? Writing will be an amazing way to cut off yourself from this pressure of the Global epidemic. Reading too will teach you a lot and will transport you to a whole new world of peace. Why not try doing?

Well, not just this you can also nourish your hobby of learning new languages or your hobby of practicing an indoor sport during this Coronavirus Quarantine time. The time is yours now, do what you like and do what you feel. Just Stay Home and Stay Safe!