Karnataka woman mortgages ‘mangalsutra’ to buy a TV for her children’s classes on Doordarshan

With no scope of reopening of schools and other educational institutions, students and teachers have no other option than to study through the online or digital platforms only. To most people, it has become an easier alternative but still, there are people who cannot afford those resources and hence see it as a bane.

One example of such a case has been doing rounds since yesterday. A woman in the Gadag district of Karnataka sold her “mangalsutra” to buy a television set for her children following the Karnataka government’s decision to continue the classes through TV amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kasturi, who is also a mother of two, purchased a television set against her “mangalsutra” for Rs 20,000. She bought the TV after her children’s school teachers asked them to attend classes via the television set. And she wanted no compromise in her children’s education.

Kasturi said in an interview with a local journalist, “I cannot send the children to the neighbours’ house every day and it was necessary for them to study. We had no other option but to buy a TV set.”

She continued, “Both, my husband and I are daily wage workers and during coronavirus, we do not have work or money.”

“I sold my mangalsutra for Rs 20,000 and bought a TV for Rs 14,000,” said Kasturi, while happily adding, “Now, my kids can study at home itself.”

When asked Kasturi’s daughter said, “We did not have the TV for several months but now when we have it, we will study and get a bigger mangalsutra for my mother.”

This grabbed a lot of media and public attention. Recently many such incidents took place in many parts of the country highlighting the issues of the pandemic.

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