“Mahi bhai is like a brother to me,” says Suresh Raina

In an interview with NDTV, Suresh Rainatalked about the emotional moment when he decided to retire retirement from International cricket along with MS Dhoni.

We all are aware of the well built and strong friendship of MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina. In an interview with NDTV, Suresh Raina said “Mahi Bhai is like a brother to me. We have played together for 14-15 years now and the time that we spent cannot be measured. It was a very emotional time when we decided to retire from international cricket.”

Just a few days before, Suresh Raina who was supposed to beseem for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) franchise in the upcoming IPL 2020in the UAE, returned to his home for some problem related to his family. And after that 13 members of CSK test positive for Covid-19.

It was also announced that Suresh Raina was unhappy with the room he had been given in the Dubai hotel where the CSK contingent set up their camp and was unable to cope with the quarantine period. The mental pressure became too much and he decided to come back to India.

“It was a personal decision and I had to come back to my family. There was something that needed to be addressed immediately at the home front and CSK is my family too and Mahi Bhai is most important to me and this was a tough decision but with the family back home, I had to come back for them,” Raina said.  

Raina disbands the rumors of him not liking his hotel and said,  “These are all fabricated stories and anyone who knows me, knows that these are all stories planted by people who don’t want me or CSK to succeed.”

He might be back for the Suresh Raina, the first Indian batsman to score a century in each format of international cricket decided to take retirement from the international cricket at the age of 33 on August 15. He announced his retirement just a few minutes after his teammate and friend MS Dhoni’s retirement. Their retirement news was very difficult for the dhoni and Raina’s fan to digest.