Manoj Bajpayee’s debut Bhojpuri rap ‘Bambai Mai Ka Ba’ is sensational, powerful, and praiseworthy

Better lyrics than ‘Apna Time Aaayega’ from Gully Boy

Hindi film actor, Manoj Bajpayee released his much-awaited Bhojpuri rap song, ‘Bambai Mai Ka Ba’ on Wednesday. It became an instant hit on social media as it garnered over 75 thousand views and 1.6 lakhs likes on YouTube within a few hours of the release.

The outstanding lyrics of Bambai Mai Ka Ba are written by Dr. Sagar and Sankarshan Thakur. It is a phenomenal piece of art with thousands of emotions screaming from the top of the roof.

The song exposes the mismanagement of government, lack of facilities like jobs, school, and hospitals in villages, and the pain of migrant workers who are forced to live in the city just for the sake of better livelihood.

If you understand Bhojpuri rap then good, if not then even your simple understanding of the Hindi language would help you get the meaning of the song. Otherwise, you have English lyrics too. This song is going to give you Goosebumps and tears in your eyes. You would surely smile but there would be sadness and pity on your face. 

Most of the daily laborers working in different states are from Bihar, and for the sake of better life for their family and career opportunities, they migrate from one metro city to another.

This Bhojpuri rap song carries thousands of emotions in it. It tells the story of migrant workers who left they houses and moved to the big city are forced to sleep on footpaths or under the leaking roof. Thousands of people are left with no choice than to be the part of the crowd in a big city and pretend to be living a great life.

The lockdown has busted the truth of poor management of the government in terms of giving work to the people of their own state. 

Here are some of the powerful lines of the rap song, ‘Bambai Mai Ka Ba’ that would definitely melt your heart and make you listen to it immediately.

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