MS Dhoni is a yogi of cricket, a master at detaching himself from the result of matches: Javagal Srinath

Javagal Srinath, during a recent interview with veteran Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin on YouTube, spoke on how Former Indian cricketer acts like a yogi in pressure situations.

Javagal Srinath, who is an ICC match referee now, spoke on MS Dhoni. He said he keeps a low profile and is one of the most respectful and calm personalities in the world. That’s why he is a ‘Yogi of Cricket’.

“MS Dhoni is a yogi in cricket. The way he has understood the game, his detachment to results. The way he speaks and conducts himself and on every victory, he holds the cup, the most prized cups, he hands it to someone else and walks away”, Javagal said.

Javagal recalled his first memory with Dhoni when he first met him at a junior level tri-series between India, Pakistan, and Kenya.  Javagal Srinath revealed that at the end of the triangular series, he ran up to Dhoni and confessed his admiration for him. 

“When he looks into all these things when things are not going well on the pitch and the team is struggling, his composure and body language as if nothing has happened, he can only be a yogi to be such a wonderful cricketer. The more you disconnect your senses from the game at the right time, the better it is for you. He’s a master at that, lot of respect for the man”, he added.

“It has always been a good chat with him every now and then. No incidents as such (as a match referee), but it has always been queries about why it should be this way and that way”, he said.

 Dhoni announced his international retirement last month through a social media post, will return to play for CSK in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League which is decided to be held from September 19, 2020.