My eyes are closed in reminiscence…

My eyes are closed in reminiscence…

A scene is formed in my subconscious mind
Going into nostalgia, my life I rewind.
When dragons breathed fire and fairy godmothers were true.
When magic was real and spells were cast amidst fog and hue.
When princesses existed and witch too.
When the concept of life was new

Every night before closing our eyes,
Stories were told and the imaginations would rise.
Romeo loved Juliet and Cinderella had a glass slipper
Snow White had seven dwarfs and Hagrid was the gamekeeper.
Mowgli lived in Jungles and Simba was the lion king
Aladin had a magic lamp and unicorn had magic wings

Growing up I believed, truth triumphs and hero wins.
Rapunzel escapes her imprisoned castle and little Mermaid gets her fins.
That Peterpan defeats Captain Hook
All the diamonds Sindbad took
Dreams come true and negativity ends.
As is the desire, so the life bends.

It took me some real-time to understand
Those days were like a fist of sand.
That what I spent my nights in,
To the world, it was just a fantasy thing.
What took people a moment
It took a while for me to realize.
Fantasy and reality are the two concepts that polarise.
The reality was the world; it was the truth
It was the thing which triumphs and fantasy is a lie which fails.
Stories are a lie, henceforth realistic people voices are logical and it wails.

“This is impossible.” It is said to fantasy tales
“In the real and practical world, these impossibilities won’t prevail.”
I have nothing to say.
I don’t have anything to condemn them in any way.
But sometimes when on the bed I lay, I hear my heart whispering
“I have something to say, if you let me then I may.”

“So nice to meet you, come again.” Translates into
“Not so nice to meet you. It was in vain.”
“How are you?” Translates into
“Just a formality, what to do?”
“Happy for you.” Translates into
“Happy that I am happier than you.”

When we chase a future we have never seen,
When we put up a mask to fit in the society and to be we’ve never been,
When we have limited ourselves inside nonexisting, societally defined fences,
When we look at things with prejudiced lenses
What seemed real isn’t real in reality.
The world we’re living in is a bodily form of fantasy.

I sit numb wondering what my heart had said.
When I heard as spoke my mind in the head.
“Never mind, all of today’s creation was once someone’s fantasy,
someone’s imagination.
The world blames the mirror for its ugliness
But that’s what the witch in snow white did.
The world had set its boundaries like in the castle Rapunzel hid.”

  An hour escape from science. I hope my rank doesn’t gets pushed by 10:P

Take care:)