Niti Taylor says her guard was paid to give details of who comes to her house, ‘nude morphed pictures’ were sent to her family

Internet harassment and trolls have become predominantly everywhere now a day. It is a bane for all social media users. And the celebrities are most prone to these faceless accounts on social media.   

Niti Taylor

TV actress Niti Taylor who has starred in many of the famous soap operas has been a victim of these trolls many times.  Recently she opened up about these trolls by sharing a long post on her Twitter account. In her long note, she shared how nude morphed images were sent to her family, and her guard was paid to leak out information about who comes to her house.

Niti wrote, “Someone just said that focus on positive and not all are haters trollers. Some simply suggest things that too respectfully so you can be more loved by others. Anyway, this isn’t a hate message before you get angry. The next tweet is a reply to your tweet which you sweetly deleted.”

Niti Taylor

In her next tweet, she opened up about the harassment she faced, “So I want to reply to this by saying, now days when I have my point or my opinion so it becomes hate. Everyone can say whatever respectfully or disrespectfully but when I say anything it is disrespect and hate. All I do is only get angry. I have been getting trolled for years, I have been said so many things, my guard has been paid money to give them information who comes to my house, nude morphed pictures bad things have been sent to my family, and harsh things have been told even about a little girl who is just 4.”

Niti further added that she now thinks 50 times before posting something on her social media account so that she doesn’t get trolled.

She wrote, “I get trolled for the smallest things, I have to think 50 times before putting anything so that I don’t get trolled. No one likes to read bad things about themselves and such nasty things. No one likes it, when no one thinks twice before writing anything they want to, if I answer back to a few that too after so many years giving my opinion where am I wrong or bad or I get angry. Sometimes put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about things. If you can feel bad about one thing I write I feel bad about so many. We all are humans, no one is perfect. I am proud of the way I am.”

Niti has been part of shows like Ishqbaaz, Kaisi Hai Yaariaan, and been always a brave and successful actress.