PUBG banned: Top 5 alternatives battle royal games you can try

pubg ban

To say that PUBG Mobile was popular in India would be an understatement. With over 175 million downloads, accounting for 24% of lifetime downloads, and an active daily user base of over 13 million players, PUBG Mobile was the most popular mobile game in the country. PUBG ban in top 5 alternatives battle royal games you can try.

Fans are left seeking alternatives to the game but that shouldn’t be too big of a problem as the battle royale genre has seen a lot of innovation and activity, especially on the Android platform.

Here are some alternatives to PUBG Mobile fans of the game should look to try:

Call of duty mobile

If you are a hard-core first-person shooter (FPS), game lover, you already know about this game. Call of Duty: Mobile was launched on 30th September last year and has been gaining the traction of the Indian audience. Its core gameplay is similar to its PC and console counterparts and maybe is a part of your childhood games too.

The game has a multiplayer mode in which you can battle in a 5v5 team deathmatch on iconic multiplayer maps from COD: Black Ops and COD: Modern Warfare or if you love the battle-royale survival from PUBG Mobile, there is a unique map provided as well.

Garena free fire

Garena Free Fire was released in 2017 and the lesser-known battle royale game has been receiving regular updates from the developers. The 10-minute survival shooter game is fast-paced as you are put on an island with 49 other players.

 More like PUBG Ban you can land your parachute anywhere, drive vehicles. You can either play as solo or form squads of up to four players. The new updates ensure there is a wide array of weapons available in the game.

The game has been included in Google Play Store’s Editor’s choice and has a rating of 4.1 after more than 500 million downloads.


Now this one is a bit more divisive in nature. Unlike the universal appeal of the Call of Duty series, Fortnite is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, it doesn’t help that the game is no longer available on Google Play Store or the App Store.

The game can still be downloaded from the Epic Games store on both platforms and if you put aside the ‘realism’ aspect in terms of graphics, you get some additional mechanics in Fortnite in comparison with PUBG Ban. You get to build structures to avoid getting hit by enemies and get to take them out using some interesting weapons

Battle lands royals

A cartoonish version of the PUBG Mobile, Battle lands Royale is definitely a fun game to play. While this game can be very addictive, just like PUBG, the game’s main motto revolves around the same moto.

Black survival

Black Survival is an excellent PUBG ban alternative, developed by a Korean-based company, Arch bears. It is a real-time survival game, where split-second decisions will end up determining your fate.

It is strategy-based and involves classic Battle Royale elements, where the map keeps shrinking, forcing players to fight to survive on an island, replete with exciting loot pools. Search, Loot, Craft, and Fight your way to victory!

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