Rahul Nair – A man who took 6 months break from his job and learned cooking to help his wife!

Rahul Nair
Rahul with his wife and son

“Getting a househusband tag from people isn’t offensive. It is an honor for me. No men came and challenged me. No one said he can cook and take care of his family as I do. Men were ashamed more than they were angry.” 

Rahul Nair cooks for his wife! This news broke the internet. Likes, comments, and shares were raining on the website that covered his story. But, Rahul was having a hard time to believe this. “I haven’t done anything great. I just want my wife to relax and not worry about dinner and lunch when she is home from the office. I just want happiness for my family, nothing much”, said the Mumbai-based Rahul. So, the question is what made people fall in love with his story? 

Rahul Nair

Till a few years back, Rahul Nair knew least about cooking. He was happy to provide a helping hand to his wife in the kitchen while she prepared delicious food.  He said, “I wasn’t contributing much to our family back then, I know. I didn’t know how to cook. My wife was working around the clock — managing her office and our newborn baby. I was really concerned about her health.” Rahul took a half-a-year break from his business analyst job to help his wife and raise their son. He learned cooking fast by watching several cookery videos with his wife. The only thing he had to do now was to implement the techniques he learned. “One of the many reasons why Moumita (his wife) and I zeal perfectly together is food. We both are foodies. And, I believe, you are not a true foodie until you know how to cook.” 

Rahul Family
Rahul with his mother and mother-in-law

He wasn’t a great cook in the beginning but he was determined to impress his wife with his food. “I planned a surprise dinner for her. I took a risk of making one of her favorites, mutton curry. It took me 4 hours to prepare that special meal which I made watching tutorials on Youtube.” Rahul was surprised by his wife’s lovely reaction to the food. She said, “From which restaurant have you ordered?” Rahul smiled and said, ‘I made it for you’. 

Rahul did all this not to break any stereotype against men or become an ideal Indian husband. “One person can’t handle every responsibility. My wife was looking after our son, working long hours in the office, and cooking meals for us. I, in comparison to her, was just doing nothing much. Her bag was full of responsibilities; I just took out a few and put them in my bag. That’s it. I want a fair life for us.”  

People are finding Rahul’s story cute and inspiring. So, is he trying consciously to change the mindset of society? “No, I’m not a flag bearer of any change in society. This is what I have been taught by my family—to respect women”, Rahul Nair answers “My father loves my mother. He helps her in the kitchen with all little things he could do, such as chopping vegetables, arranging utensils and counting whistles of the pressure cooker.” Apart from his family, Rahul is blessed with the coolest in-laws. “Neither my parents nor in-laws called me and said ‘why are you cooking for your family?’ They have always supported me and I’m glad to have such beautiful families in my life.”  

Rahul Nair family

Due to lockdown, Moumita is working from home and Rahul Nair has joined a company as a banker. Now, Moumita is looking after the family and the food as Rahul is busy in his new office. “She knows better ways to manage the house. Now, when she is home and gets time, I’m enjoying delicious meals cooked by my wife. I’m glad I met her at the company’s event and initiated a talk. That was my best decision.”