A courageous mother’s dream of becoming a baby photographer comes true

Rashmi Shetty
Rashmi Shetty

Rashmi Shetty, a mother of two beautiful kids, is a successful baby photographer in Mumbai. Her strong desire to learn photography from scratch, and later becoming a leading baby photographer is an inspiration for many young mothers and women.

To know what’s working for you and what’s not, you have to take some strict decisions in your life. That’s what exactly Rashmi Shetty, a Mumbai-based baby and infant photographer, did. “I’m in a habit of trying new things in life. My mind keeps cooking different business ideas. And, nothing can keep me away from shooting new business ideas on my husband, the biggest supporter of my life”, she sounded delighted. 

Rashmi Shetty
Rashmi Shetty With her family

Where Rashmi’s businesses were going through a dark phase; her life, in the contrary, was getting ready for a blessing in the form of a baby. She was pregnant with her second child, and unlike the previous time, she wanted to capture every moment with this newborn. “I didn’t pro-actively take many pictures of my daughter right after her birth, and I still regret that. My mind was filled with different ideas and interests at that time. Whatever pictures I took of her was on my mobile phone.” 

Rashmi had made her decision, and this time she was sure as hell. She wanted to become a baby photographer. “I discussed this idea with my husband”, she said. 

Her husband, Ritesh, was a bit unsure about her decision. He thought her feelings would fade away in a few days, but it didn’t happen. Her callings for photography was not temporary or bleak, it was as strong as a wildfire. After realizing this is what his wife wants whole-heartedly, he agreed to invest in it and be her strength throughout the journey. “He bought me a DSLR—my first professional camera”, she replied cheerfully.  Besides her husband, Rashmi got encouragement and support from her sister Roshni Shetty and her mother pushpa Shetty.

Rashmi shetty Photography

From that day in 2017, she never looked back. Her journey was a real struggle — with a 4-months-old, son, and 2-years-old, daughter — but she chose not to defeat the power of mothers around the world. “Many mothers are out there on the field, working tirelessly, for their family and society. So, why can’t I? Being a mother of two kids should be counted as my strengths and not weaknesses”, she said. 

Aradhya Bachchan
Rashmi shetty photography

In one year, Rashmi Shetty became a well-known baby photographer in Mumbai. Even she photographed some of the celebrities’ babies. Her memorable instance is when she photographed the Bachchan and the Rai family at a birthday party. Also, she captured photographs of their youngest member, Aradhya Bachchan, that same day.“My pictures of Aradhya and the Bachchan family were floating all over the media. Even the photographs were out in some of the newspapers the next day”, she rejoiced the proud moment of her life.   

Aradhya Bachchan

Two-three years back, maternity, infant or baby photoshoots were not popular in India, nor were people interested in letting a photographer intrude in their personal space. But, things have changed with time. Now, every young parent wants to capture the movements and activities of their newborn at the earliest. “Before this concept, I wasn’t receiving enough clients. So, during those days, I kept myself busy by honing my skills as a photographer and as a mother too. I used to photograph my daughter and my newborn son to enhance my portfolio and learn through Youtube videos.” 

Does being a mother of two children help in your profession? “Yes, it surely does. Most of my clients ask me for tips on how to manage their babies. I think because of my children, I know how deal with babies.”

Rashmi Shetty Daughter