India’s Prime Minister Massive Step Towards Renewable Energy

Prime minister Narendra Modi yesterday inaugurated Asia’s largest solar power project named Rewa Solar power project in Madhya Pradesh. The specialty of this project is that it is of 750MW. Through video conferencing on Friday PM said, “It is proud for me to state, India is among the top five nations in the world when it comes to solar energy. “

Rewa Solar power project

The Rewa Solar power project includes three generations units each one having a capacity of 250MW and they are all located on a plot of land of around 500 hectares. It is situated inside the solar park.

This project has received World’s banker’s group President Award. The Delhi Metro will receive 24 percent of the energy and the rest 76 percent will be given to DISCOMs in MP. This will lead to the reduction of carbon equivalent to around 15 lakh tons per annum.

This project has been developed by RUMSL that is Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Limited and an amount of 138 crores was provided to it by the central government for this project.

Talking about it Prime minister says, “Rewa has scripted history. Keeping the expectations of the world, India stands for humanity. We are engaged in connecting the whole world. We are making sure that our determination towards clean energy is seen in every aspect of life.”

This is being a far-sighted project aiming to curb environmental degradation and contribute to the development of the Indian economy.