Shushant’s effortless performance his last film Dil Bechara makes the audience miss him a little more

On 24th of July, the entire nation came together to celebrate the last time they would see their beloved star Sushant Singh Rajput on screen. Dil Bechara was easily the most awaited movie of this year. It had initially brought disappointment to the audience that it will not hit the theatres but have a release on the online platform Disney Hotstar. But then they decided to celebrate his presence in their homes.


It was scheduled to stream from 7:30 pm onwards and we all waited for it together. Dil Bechara was based on the bestselling novel “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. It was also previously released in Hollywood and had gained acclaim by critics and audiences alike. Instead of having Hazel and Augustus, we have Kizzie and Mandy. Instead of “I’ll never be able to see his blue eyes again” we have “Darr tha ki main uski stupid smile Kabhi nahi dekh paungi.” But the essence remains the same.


But one thing which stole the show was the acting of the actors. Both Sushant and Sanjana left us teary-eyed at the end. They made us laugh, they made us whine but above all, they gave us memories. Memories of an art piece that will last for a lifetime.

The story revolved around the two protagonists, Kizzie and Manny who were united by a tragic coincidence, both of them had cancer. Izzie was realistic whereas Manny was optimistic. Izzie accepted reality whereas Manny wanted to change things. Izzie settled but Manny refused to settle. And how they cope with all of this!


Sanjana Sanghi was successful in portraying each of the emotions. The conflict between misery and hope in her head and the helplessness she had, you could actually feel that. This is the best you can expect from her. 

Sushant takes his acting to some other level. Manny had this charm which you could fall for. He was happy, cheerful, and bright. But also was vulnerable at times with the way the destiny turned out to be. He will take your emotions sometimes very high and then make you feel sorry about his character. The ease with which he delivers the dialogues is commendable, “Chal Jhooti.”


*Spoiler Alert* The cameo of Saif Ali Khan was completely unexpected as an artist but he nailed his part of a psychic very well. 

Every part of the film was beautiful, whether be it Storyline, Direction, or Music. This was a beautiful farewell of Sushant Singh Rajput from the world of cinema. Sanjana too might have a bright future considering her talent.

Dil Bechara marks the farewell of Sushant from Bollywood but leaves a permanent place in all of our hearts.       

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