Simple Changes In Lifestyle Which Prevent Health Threats.

The encyclopedia of health threats defines lifestyle as a pattern of individual practices and personal behavioral choices that are related to elevate or reduce health risks. There are lists of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and depression which can be prevented by a minor change in a person’s lifestyle. Mostly, these diseases occur mainly due to poor lifestyle practices. In some ways, a healthy lifestyle decreases the risk of such health threats. Let’s see what are the things we can do to improve our lifestyle and health.

1. Getting Sufficient Sleep

health threats

In today’s world people are quick to change their sleeping patterns or to skip their sleep times with binge-watching movies and shows online or due to work pressure. But it has been observed that insufficient sleep is a risk factor for causing injuries. A sound sleep is important to keep a person away from fatigue or exertion. You might not have noticed but you become fresh and energetic after adequate sleep.

2. Limiting The Amount Of Alcohol

health threats

Although a little amount of alcohol, especially red wine, may have some benefits for health but two or more than two drinks per day are usually harmful and may lead to health threats. So, it becomes necessary for a person to make a pledge to limit the amount of alcohol he consumes. Also, special care should be taken for the people who indulge in social drinking or occasional drinking because they usually drink a lot during these states of affairs.

3. Adopting Healthy Eating Habits

Adopting Healthy Eating Habits

Avoiding junk food and eating healthy is very significant in our lives.  According to WHO, the amount of sodium in one’s diet should not be more than 1.7 grams a day, which means 5 grams of salt per day because it enhances the blood pressure. Replacing harmful fats like saturated and trans fatty acids with unsaturated fats like omega-3 fatty acids reduces the chances of coronary artery diseases by reducing LDL. And the adequate amount of calcium and Vitamins are also required in a healthy diet.

4. Inculcating The Habit Of Exercise

Inculcating The Habit Of Exercise

Exercise helps to prevent obesity, high BP, diabetes, and heart diseases. Moderate physical activities should be done at least one hour a day and six days a week. On the contrary, people in today’s world do not indulge themselves in exercises at all. People spend most of their time on smartphones and in front of the screen which has to reduce. At least we should engage ourselves in a bit of walking or even small physical games like badminton in our courtyard. 

5. Limiting Watching of Television

Limiting Watching of Television

Watching TV reduces physical activities and increases the consumption of food and beverages high in calories. Reduced hours of watching TV, in fact, reduces body weight. Obesity enhances the risk of diabetes and gallstones. If we reduce our time watching television every day, we can easily prevent the chances of getting a serious weight problem and along with that, it is also very healthy for our eyes.     

6. Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking

This has to top the list as quitting smoking is the very step to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Smoking causes increases the blood pressure which causes coronary artery problems and even leads to a stroke. Tobacco in any form invites deadly diseases such as cancer. There are many rehab centers one can visit if he decides to quit tobacco and smoking.        

In this manner, it becomes necessary for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle to remain healthy and fit. Prevention is better than cure.