Tamil Nadu: This Tea Kiosk In Madurai Sells Tea In Edible Cups

Tea Kiosk

With the growth of industrialization and urbanization, the world has seen massive development and also huge environmental degradation. Sustainability is the need of the hour. And apart from the big organizations, we normal people should try to do things to make a difference. One such example of the same is a group in Madurai, Tamil Nadu who sells tea in edible cups.

These cups are made of chocolate and the tea is served in it. After completion, they can consume it. The specialty of this cup is that it can hold 60ml of tea for ten minutes before they can be taken in. Vivek Sabapathy is the founder of this innovative company called RS Pathy&Co.

This company was started in 1909 by his grandfather which manufactured oils and balms. This teacup innovative had started from 15th June has done impressive sales of around 500 cups a day. After the ban of the single-use plastic by the Tamil Nadu government in 2019, he has been thinking about this.

They are even planning to expand their horizons and carry on their job of eco-friendly business. Once they started making daily healthcare products and now they are contributing to the environment.

It is also prepared in a very healthy and sustainable manufacturing site which enhances their services even more.

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