The biggest one-day jump in coronavirus cases, 30,000 tested positive.


Even though a complete lockdown has been announced and imposed again in some states like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, India passed record-breaking 30,000 cases in a day. Yesterday more than 30,000 cases had been recorded as a hike which was unprecedented. 

Total deaths from the virus crossed 24,000, with the second-highest single-day addition of 582 fatalities in a single day. There were 30,142 new infections that emerged across the country on Tuesday and the total cases in India surpassed 9, 36,000. 

On Sunday and Monday, India’s daily Covid-19 cases were the second-highest in the world, first remains the USA.  593,080 are the total cases recovered. Brazil which was ahead of India in the number of daily cases is getting fewer cases since Friday.

But when it comes to Delhi there has been an impressive improvement in the cases in the last two weeks. Ever since June 23, when Delhi reported as many as 3,947 new cases in a single day, the daily numbers have been gradually going down. At that time, Delhi was one of the fastest-growing states, growing at nearly six per cent every day. But now that growth rate has come down to 1.7 now.

 But in the others states like Karnataka the cases are rapidly raising. Karnataka whose cases are already the fastest growing in the country for more than a week, reported 2,738 new cases on Monday, it is highest so far. With more than 41,500 confirmed cases, it now has the fifth highest cases in the country, and is all set to overtake Gujarat any time soon.

There is also a upwelling taking place in Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh has added more than 11,000 new cases in the last one week, and has been growing at 6.5 per cent every day (7-day compounded daily growth rate). Uttar Pradesh has added slightly less than 10,000 cases during this time, and has been growing at 4.18 per cent every day.

If these states try and control the pace of growing cases, the rest of states will automatically follow.