This Farmer Sold His Cow To Buy A Smartphone For Kids’ Online Classes

During this global pandemic, everybody is bound to stay home. This has led to the rise of e-learning all over the world. But still, in rural India, many of the people who work in daily wages and do not have a steady source of income do not have access to a smartphone.

For this reason, a poor man was forced to sell his cow, his only source of income, for Rs 6,000 for buying a smartphone for online studies of his two children.

He belongs to Gummer village in Jwalamukhi. His children, Annu and Dippu, were studying in Class IV and Class II. As the schools started online classes pressure came on Kuldip to buy a smartphone for the children to continue the study.

For a month, Kuldip tried his best to get a loan of Rs 6,000 to buy a smartphone. He approached banks as well as private lenders but, because of his poor financial condition, nobody was ready to help him.

When he failed to get money despite all exertions, he had to sell his cow for Rs 6,000 and purchased a smartphone for the education of his children. He tried to contact panchayat pradhan but he was not available.

However, Ramesh Dhawala, MLA from Jwalamukhi, said it was shocking that a man had to sell his cow to buy a phone for the sake of online studies of his children. He said he had directed the BDO and the SDM to provide him financial help as soon as possible.

This issue also received attention after actor Sonu Sood made a tweet about requesting the people nearby to get his cow back and help him as much as possible.

The local governing bodies said they will take responsibility and promised to get him needful facilities.

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