Trolling culture has grown nasty – Our Call As People To Wake Up

Social media is now becoming a weapon to make personal attacks on other people. It’s almost every day and every post that we see internet trolls attacking almost all celebrities, body shaming them, or passing on toxic comments on their personal lives. The problem of trolls is not new but the excessiveness we have seen in the past two weeks is horrifying. People who have no idea what went on in the lives of the people closest to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput like Kriti Sanon, Ankita Lokhande, and the other directors, have started to write nasty things about them on social media.

Ankita Lokhande was Blamed

There were lots of people writing on the internet on how Ankita Lokhande should have never broken up with Sushant and after the statement of Sushant’s psychiatrist even most people started to take a jibe at the TV actress. Many people blamed her for Sushant going into depression. These people did not know about their relationship at all. They did not know why they broke up. Without any important information getting into someone’s personal space and writing negativity especially at these adversarial times is insensitive.

These things were constantly written about her on twitter.

Kriti’s Take on This

Also, many faceless trolls blamed actress Kriti Sanon for Sushant’s depression saying that it was her who left him which left him devastated. She was even attacked firstly for not having done any public post about her Raabta co-star’s demise. Later she posted a long post on Instagram where she wrote, “Just because you haven’t made a public post doesn’t mean you’re not grieving.”

But some people even then blamed her for the paparazzi culture and said she intentionally was clicked at the funeral for getting publicity.

Trolls On Rangoli and Kangana

Even before Sushant’s death, there have been several instances where people have just passed on judgments to the lives of celebrities without considering them as human beings just like us. Kangana Ranaut was previously criticized and people said she is playing the victim card when she talked about her sister Rangoli Chandel, an acid attack survivor. She was also trolled for speaking up against the injustices done against her because she’s a woman. They said she is doing this for publicity.

Everybody gets the Same Hatred

Priyanka Chopra was also accused of trying to gain publicity by talking about how she dealt with her father’s death. Not only this, recently, the singers coming up and voicing their opinion against the unfair practices against them prevalent in the music industry were also blamed for making such statements for the sake of publicity on the YouTube comment section.

We do not know what goes on in their lives behind the camera. We don’t know what happens in their lives. We have no clue what problems they might be facing behind the glamour of their industry.

It was us who believed the false stories written about Sushant Singh Rajput. It was us who criticized him and trolled him all of his social media handles saying that he was pretending to be ‘intellectual’.

In fact, during the shooting of the film Kedarnath, the director revealed that Sushant was so upset with how people were treating him on social media without knowing the truth and that all the media attention was given to a star kid.

It is our time to realize our responsibility for the world. These celebrities whom we find as an easy target to abuse and getaway are also human beings who get hurt like us. We have to stop jumping into conclusions without knowing the facts. We must have to become responsible social media users.