Vijay Rupani invites American firms to invest in Gujarat: pitches for cooperation

 Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani called upon US companies to join hands with the Indian companies to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in India, in a special address at the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF)’s Leadership Summit.

The Vijay rupani led BJP government on Tuesday said that it is proposing a new law named “Gujrat Gunda and Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act” which will be introduced in the state through an ordinance after discussion in the coming state announced, is to rein in habitual offenders who will be dealt with stringent punishments ranging from seven years to ten years jail term.

Addressing the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum through video conferencing, Rupani said Gujarat’s ‘sister state’ agreements with New Jersey and Delaware announced a new era of enhanced and increased collaboration between “our two countries.” Mr. Rupani also invited US companies to partner with Gujarat to improve market access to the artisans in tribal areas through digital education. He also invited companies like Cisco to partner with the government in the next wave of digital transformation especially in the fields of cyber technology and governance.

 He said; “India and the US have evolved as strategic partners. The partnership is people-driven and people-centric. We share common values of democracy with strong cultural ties and objective for human prosperity”.

“The Gujarat Gunda and Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act will tighten the leash on anti-social elements who are a hindrance to the state’s progress. This act will introduce strict laws against people who are involved in the illegal trade of alcohol, gambling, cow-slaughter, human and child trafficking, sale of counterfeit medicines, sale of substances like drugs, kidnapping, transport and sale of illegal weapons, etc,” the government said in a release.