A Mathura Boy is Changing Lives of Mazdoors, Digitally

Virendra Kumar
Virendra Kumar

Virendra Kumar is a messiah for the daily wage workers giving them not only stable employment but wings to have a respectful and established lifestyle.

One idea that changed many lives. 

A 21-year-old, Virendra Kumar, puts all his effort to back his idea. He founded Digital Majdoor, a startup that helps daily workers to connect digitally with those people who need their services. Currently, this website works in three cities of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura, Kannuaj, and Jaunpur. But, Virendra and his team are preparing for the nationwide connectivity. 

Not so easy life at ‘Labour Chowk’

Virendra Kumar

Life isn’t simple for everyone; it’s an everyday struggle for food and shelter for many people. There are thousands of Labour Chowks across the country where labours gather every morning in search of a day’s work. Men of all ages anxiously wait at the edge of the roads to fix a wage for the day, which is between Rs. 170 to Rs. 400. 

Among hundreds of daily workers at Mathura’s Labour Chowk, there was a man named Pohap Singh. He is a skilled plumber. He is the father of Virendra Kumar. “I have seen my father waking up early morning and leaving for the chowk every day since childhood. He used to return home empty-handed. Most of the time, he would get no work. I wanted to help, so I kept thinking of ways by which I could help my father and other daily wage workers”, Virendra said. Digital Mazdoor is an outcome of his deep reflective thoughts. “While going to college, I always saw dejected faces of the workers at Labour Chowk, who did not get any work that day. That was heart-wrenching for me.”

The struggle of father and son

Virendra talks about an incident that shaped his life. “One time my father was denied his hard-earned money by a consumer. I was utterly disappointed, yet determined to do something, someday, for my father and people like him. So, they don’t have to worry about pay cuts any longer.”

Mathura Boy

Who gave wings to the CEO of Digital Mazdoor, Virendra Kumar?

Virendra was inspired by Dr. Govindjee, a famous plant physiologist. He was awed by his speech on Photosynthesis at the National Academy of Science, Allahabad in 2015. He even wrote a book on him, Wings to a Child’s Dream, explaining how Dr. Govind’s words inspired him to do great things in life.

The echo of claps and praises!     

In 2017, he started working on a website for daily workers and named it Digital Mazdoor. His innovation got recognition when he won a special award from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University and the Dr. Kalam Centre in 2018. He was the ‘news’ in Mathura for several months. More praises followed when Niti Ayog and Doordarshan supported his idea. In the year 2019, he won a cash prize of Rs. 20,000 in Kalam Annual Project Summit. Also, from the Government of Gujarat he received a grant of Rs. 50,000 with the help of the I-Create foundation.  

digital mazdoors

It is a website where anyone can hire plumbers, laborers, electricians, beauticians, painters, carpenters, and technicians at an affordable price. “I wanted to create a platform for workers where they can get work as well as respect.” Through Digital Mazdoor, one can get registered workers at their fingertips.

He also recalls his journey and says, “When I started I was alone but now I have a team of more than fifty people working with us including our chairman Dr. Ram Kishore Agrawal. And we look forward to many more working experiences.”

Having worked as an entrepreneur for more than two years and four years in social service, he definitely has a message for the country. “Observing our environment and identifying a problem is the first step. The second step is finding a solution to that. And finally, when the solution helps the nation to develop, it’s called Innovation.”