“We had a respectful friendship”: Sandip Ssingh On Sushant Singh Rajput

It seems like the news and information surrounding Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is not dying down any soon. Recently, Sandip Ssingh gave an interview with Times of India and spoke about his relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput, the media trails, the drug allegation, and other topics related to the controversy.

“Today, I do feel that maybe going and standing with the family was wrong. Maybe, I should have acted selfish and not gone there to stand with them in their time of need.” He said talking about the incident.

“I stood with my friend’s family, unlike others who chose to stay indoors. That is not a crime!” he added.

“My friends, mom, and family reprimanded me for being there for Sushant’s family. They said, ‘You have made a mistake by going there. You should not have gone there. Tune to aa bail mujhe maar wala kaam kar diya (you asked for trouble). Baaki industry wale, his friends are intelligent, but you are an emotional fool to go and help.’” He quoted when asked about his closed one’s reactions.

“If you ever step into my shoes you will know how it feels to keep hearing one allegation after another and to digest it before another one comes flying at you.” He stated.

Sandip Ssingh also made statements about how the media has covered this news. “I feel like I’m facing a trial. I have spoken the truth, and I am still answering allegations which are baseless, leveled by people who seek publicity. I will definitely take legal action against those people who have troubled me for no reason.”

Sandip Ssingh further talked about his relationship with Sushant and about drugs, “We had a respectful friendship. He never did such things in front of me. If he did anything behind my back, I wouldn’t know. The Sushant I saw and knew was a sharp, intelligent actor, a great dancer, writer, reader and someone who enjoyed learning new things.”

He said he was badly disturbed by the social media trolls and the way people are reacting, “Meri toh izzat tak ko nahi baksha gaya! When people started writing nonsense about my mother is when I could not take it and I decided to speak up. Social media has been so unkind.”

“I am trying to lead a normal life, I continued with my movements, but people have crossed their limits. They are showing footages of my car and asking …main kahan bhaag raha hoon! Kahan bhaag raha hoon, batao?”

The CBI trails are going on and CBI has also refused to give any official statement about the case proceedings to the media.