Post Pandemic: What changes are globally expected after the deadly coronavirus is gone?

“This too shall pass”—In this rough time, when everyone is scared for their lives and unsure about their future, this phrase acts as a healing balm. 

A lot will change. After Coronavirus almost everything would be different—the lives of people, global economy, political strategies, the definition of super-powerful countries, and our perspective towards nature. 

Hopefully, post-Coronavirus pandemic, there would be a birth of new and better humans, who would understand that the planet is for all—animals, insects, and plants—and not only for them. Also, all the inhabitants are equally important to maintain the well-being of the planet Earth. 

So, here are ten possible changes that are expected globally post-pandemic. 

Social-Distancing would stay longer with us.

Post pandemic Coronavirus

The most affected measure to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 is social-distancing. It is one tried and tested method that has saved billions of people from Coronavirus. So, it is expected that the government would make a practice of social-distancing at public and workplaces mandatory even after the pandemic ends. 

Post-pandemic people would have to follow social-distancing strictly because they might get reinfected by the virus. Also, the reactivation of the virus in 100 cured South Korean patients is still a mystery that needs to be solved, and until researchers find out what’s exactly happened, we need to be ready for the shortcomings. 

How does it work?

In social distancing, people avoid any physical contact such as hugs and handshakes and stand two meters away from each other. This way they save themselves from Coronavirus. 

The disease is mainly spread when an infected person sneezes, talks, or coughs, and the droplets, present in the air, are inhaled by another person. Social-distancing helps to limit the movement of virus and that’s what is the need of the hour. 

Wearing masks and washing hands would become mandatory.

Post pandemic Coronavirus

The world is not immune to Coronavirus until scientists find a vaccine for it. Many scientists believe that the nature of this virus is very complicated and to develop a full-fledged vaccine, they might take a year or more. So, even if lockdown is lifted and people resume to work, they would have to maintain hand hygiene and cover their faces with a cloth or mask for a longer time.  

We are taught in school that washing hands and keeping ourselves clean is a good habit; it’s time to revise those chapters because we need to maintain good hygiene.

Possibly, wearing a mask in public places would be made compulsory in the future for a few months. 

Eating wild animals would be prohibited/debated in many countries.

Post pandemic Coronavirus

It all started with a Bat! The infamous theory of Coronavirus’ spread from Wuhan’s wet market to the world will not be forgotten or forgiven easily. Countries will question the sale and consumption of wild animals in China and other countries. 

When China reopened the wet market on March 22, people strongly condemned the decision of the Chinese government through social media. While people across the globe are heavily affected by a coronavirus, China is profiting from its wet market, which is believed to be the origin of Covid-19. How fair is that? 

The US demands to permanently shut down the market whereas the Australian government wants proper investigation before opening the market. 

In the coming future, there would be elaborate discussions on what humans shouldn’t eat, surely, bats would fall into a big NO category. 

Working from Home (WFH) Would Be Normalized.

Post pandemic Coronavirus

A few months back, Work From Home was a luxury for seniors or employees who requested for it, but now it is a necessity. And, this necessity is believed to become a requirement after the pandemic ends. Employees would be requested to work from home as it will help to reduce the crowd in public transport and offices. Only those who can’t work from home would be called to the office.  

Upcoming issues such as climate change and pollution would be rigorously debated.

Post pandemic Coronavirus

After the world conquers one crisis, it has a lot more to deal with. The most important one is climate change, which can’t be neglected. Probably, world leaders might have understood the consequences of underestimating nature and would act on other serious issues with determination.

Also, the public would become more sympathetic towards saving the planet. 

Investing in great health facilities and medical infrastructure would be not be mocked.

Post pandemic Coronavirus

The whole world is suffering and none of the affected countries could properly protect their citizens. None had enough medical facilities and health workers to save their people.

Talking about those countries with the top ten health care facilities in the world, such as France and Spain. They are among the worst-hit countries by Covid-19 with about 50,000 deaths. US and UK are also badly affected by coronavirus with than 976,000 and 153,000 positive cases respectively.

Maybe, we will learn a lesson from this crisis and would encourage the government to open more medical colleges and hospitals.

Reacting rapidly on serious issues would be expected from the government.


We always crib about the insufficiency of the government, but at the time of Covid-19, the face politicians are revealed. We can say, politicians are capable of taking quick action even before the crisis happens. 

Now the world knows that leaders are capable of making quick decisions and maintaining peace and order in society. So, we can expect urgency in solving other critical issues, such as pollution, hunger, poverty, acid attacks, and other criminal activities. 

We can expect in the future that the government would give equal weightage to serious issues and root them out from society.

Seeing the rise of industries that would pull the world from recession. 


Big or small industries, everyone will bounce back with greater enthusiasm and determination. People would be able to pull back the economy and help it grow. 

The world, once again, would be a busy place and we would settle down with the new normal.  

Adjusting life with new rules would be difficult for people.

New Rules

New rules that would save us from the deadly virus would be tough to follow in the beginning but soon they would be part of our life. 

Some changes are good and essential for the progress of human beings, such as social-distancing and washing hands regularly with soap or sanitizers. 

Looking at unexpected countries who would raise as heroes in the Covid-19 period.

Post pandemic Coronavirus

Despite all the discouraging figures in the present, there would be some hero countries that will set a high bar. For now, Taiwan’s response to Covid-19 is impressive and admirable.

Although the country was at high risk of disease because of the geographical closeness with China, it, with its timely response, has saved many lives. 

Taiwan has less than 500 confirmed cases to date and half of them have recovered. The country has the best health care facility in the world. In 2003, Taiwan was badly hit by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, and 181 people lost their lives. The country had got its lessons in 2003 when it had to quarantine over 1 lakh people. So, this time the Taiwan government was well prepared to fight the outbreak.

In India, Kerala and Odisha government is appreciated for their quick action and good recovery rate.  


You are Corona Warriors if you are following social distancing and lockdown strictly. #StayHome #Savelives