Why Do Some People Cheat in A Relationship?

cheat in relationship

Nothing can justify cheating. The day you told your partner that you don’t love them and walked out of their life instead of on them, you saved two lives.  You saved yourself from lifelong guilt and your partners’ from an unfair heartbreak. But, there are many people who cheat in a relationship

Relationships are not built in one day or many years, it is built-in moments. Every moment when you trust your partner, help them to grow, love them unconditionally, and take care of their small necessities. It is built brick by brick, and each brick symbolizes—love, patience, care, and respect for each other. So, why do some people choose to break their relationship in an ugly way? Nothing can justify cheating or infidelity if a person is in a committed relationship. 

You can easily cheat your partner because human life is full of distractions. The point is, these distractions are mere obstacles in your rock-solid relationship. It tests your trust and loyalty for each other. So, cheating your partner doesn’t need courage, but being faithful does. 

What cheating does to a human?

  • Cheating fills a person with unbearable guilt and shame.
  • The relationship becomes hollow and meaningless.
  • A person loses the love of their life and may never gain their trust again. 

Despite this horrible result, why do some people choose to cheat their partners? There can be a variety of reasons why people cheat in their relationships

People cheat in a relationship because: 

There’s no love left

cheat in relationship

Love can disappear from a relationship with time, but this doesn’t give anyone a right to cheat.

People cheat in a relationship because they think there is no love left in their relationship.Love can’t be forced upon anyone neither it can be gained by begging or pleading. When two persons are in love, they accept and respect each other’s feelings.  So, when people fall out of love, they look for other options. 

The question in this situation is not why love has disappeared, but what made it happen. If couples understand each other’s feelings and workout on their differences then they might avoid heartbreaks.

Growing commitment issues

cheat in relationship

Commitment is a responsibility that partners chose to show their dedication to keep their relationships intact. 

The constant insecurity and commitment issue can be one of many reasons why people cheat on their partners in a relationship. So, whenever a relationship lacks commitment then it gives birth to distrust, dishonesty, and infidelity. 

A couple must commit to love, respect, and care for each other. They shouldn’t allow doubt, insecurities, and fear to grow. In a committed relationship, couples do accept a few changes in their lives as they believe it is necessary for the sustenance of their relationship. But, nobody should accept unreasonable, harmful, and discriminatory reasons in a relationship.  

Aren’t aware of infatuation

Aren’t aware of infatuation

Infatuation is normal, but falling for it can be avoided by your commitment and dedication towards your partner.

People in a relationship cheat because they think love and infatuation are a similar thing but it’s not. Love is a selfless emotion that helps everyone to experience progress and glory. It is pure and strong. 

Couples who are in love understand, protect, and respect each other. They allow each other to reach the highest success of their lives. They become the backbone of each other throughout their lives. Whereas, infatuation is a momentary thing. It is an intense short-lived passion for someone.

Many people end up believing they are in love and end their beautiful relationship with someone they truly loved. So, don’t let this short-lived admiration to wreak your strong and well-built relationship.

Too afraid to tell the truth 

Too afraid to tell the truth

Speaking a truth needs courage; cheating doesn’t. Truth heals the soul, cheating damages it. 

Some people cheat in a relationship because they are afraid to tell truth to their partner—that they don’t love them; that they don’t want to be with them; that is was all physical; and that they were abusive or intolerant to their choice and decisions— this cause life long-suffering in a relationship.

Everyone has a right to live a happy life but nobody has a right to cheat anyone. Cheating can’t be justified. Truth can be bitter and ugly but is relieves humans from keeping unnecessary secrets.    

At Last…

People cheat on their partners because it gives them short-term illusionary happiness. Also, who cares about future damages nowadays?