With mandatory Online Classes, teaching profession becomes challenging than never before

Teachers or Guru is a well-respected profession in India, but are they getting deserved respect in the era of Online Classes? The answer is no. They are being abused, called names, and treated inhumanly by their fellow students because now they don’t fear punishment. Because it’s all happening virtually. 

According to the research by the National Foundation for Education Research (NFER), teaching is the most stressful profession in India. This data was out in 2019 and now in 2020, things have drastically changed for teachers for the worse. As online classes have been introduced by the government due to the pandemic, students find a new way to harass their teachers. 

Online classes have made it possible for many students to continue their school and college education without any gap, but some students do everything to disrespect their teachers virtually by hiding behind the technologies. 

“I have a Sherlock Holmes in our class,” said a 14-year-old Shruti. She was referring to a name by which her classmates attend the online class on the Zoom platform. “I hate online class because many students disturb the class. Some students play music in the middle of the class, some don’t mute their microphones intentionally and talk rubbish”, says the 8th standard student. 

Online classes have become a source of harassing teachers. Let’s see how.

Teachers are struggling to get familiar with newer technologies

Many elderly teachers with experience of 15-20 years of teaching are struggling to get used to technologies to teach students rather than teaching them on a blackboard. 

Because of minimal interaction between a teacher and a student, it’s tough for teachers to make understand everything taught in the online class. 

Here is a tweet that went viral and people showed their concern for teachers: 

Students don’t take online classes seriously

Students are in holiday mode. They don’t understand what is at stake—their future. Many make lame excuses to avoid online classes. Our team contacted one student to inquire about the online classes and here his reply: “My brother told the teacher that there is no network and internet pack on the phone. So, he can’t attend the class. He has been avoiding online classes for the last two weeks.” 

Well because parents are busy earning and bringing bread and butter to the house, children hardly update them about the online classes of the school and tests. 

Parents alert: Keep a check on your children’s school Whatsapp group. And be informed about the timings of the online class, tests, and assignments.

Here is an example of how teachers are having tough time during online classes. 

Online tests have become just a formality, everyone cheats

Online tests have become a joke for everyone. A student of class 5 said, “Anyone can cheat and get good marks in the online test. Because you can open books or copy and write the correct answer.”

This is another challenge for teachers because they know cheating can’t help children to gain knowledge and contribute to their development. So to avoid unfair means parents should take the charge and make sure their child doesn’t cheat while giving any test. 

Many teachers quit the video class before time because of constant disturbance

There was a student who was attending the class with the name of Jetha Lal, ma’am blocked that person but again that student joined the class with another ridiculous name. Such things have become a common affair during online classes”, another student expresses her disappointment with the online class.   

Due to constant disturbance in the class, teachers are forced to quit the video meeting before time and send written documents of the class via Whatsapp. This way is beneficial for none.  

Network issue and bad connectivity is making education a struggle for everyone

Bad connectivity and costly internet packs are also trouble for those taking and giving online classes. The teacher’s voice becomes inaudible many times and students lose interest in the class. In short, it’s have become challenging for teachers to grab the attention of the student throughout the class. 

“While teacher’s video was paused and was a blur, a student played Bollywood item song and shared his screen for rest of the students to entertain themselves”, said a student taking online classes for higher education. 

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