Young Music Composer, VANZ Artiste’s Track Released on T-series

VANZ Artiste
VANZ Artiste

Beautiful things often happen unexpectedly and at the oddest of place. A 10-year-old child was taking an evening stroll with his Aunt when he suddenly looked through the glass window of a musical instrument showroom in Ranchi. He was fascinated by the presence of pianos, guitars, saxophones, and all other musical instruments. He certainly found his dream world that day. 

A 16-year-old Akhouri Dhyan Surya Raj Vansh’s whole life revolves around music. Since childhood, he was curious to identify and mix the sounds of different instruments to create his own masterpiece. As a result, Vansh became one of the youngest music composers of India who has many feats by his name. He has composed music for songs like Mashaallah and Pinda Aala Jatt. His song No Promises was released on T-series Punjab and other big platforms. 

Hailing from a small town of Jharkhand, Daltonganj, he made his own place in the music industry without any prior connection or references. He doesn’t have any formal training and is a self-learned music producer. He says, “YouTube and Google became my main sources for learning everything about music production and sound mixing.” At the age of playing video games and watching cartoons, the 11-year-old Vansh learned to compose and produce music.  

Vansh started his career as a music producer at the age of 14 when he collaborated with known singers and songwriters of the industry. He also remixed Tera Ghata song by Gajendra Verma that was a huge hit. It also got selected in the biggest remix compilation album ‘UNITY’ that features veteran music producers from India and abroad.  

Unlike many parents who push their children to only concentrate on studies and not pursue their hobbies as a career, the Vansh family supported him throughout the process. “If parents support your hobbies then this is the best thing they can do to show love to their children. My parents never stopped me from pursuing my dreams and I’m really thankful to them”.

Even his father, Shikhar Shashi, suggested a new name to him, ‘Vanz’ and Akhouri added ‘Artiste’ as a suffix. Now, he is popular with this name. He says, “My new name and identity, VANZ Artiste is the blessing of my parents and I’m happy about it.”

His works have been appreciated by DJ A Sen, DJ Tarun, and other popular names of the music industry. Akhouri recalls the day of appreciation by one of his loved DJs, he says, “I used to send my song one or two days prior to deadlines. DJ A Sen listened to my work and appreciated by saying ‘What a beautiful work you’ve done’ and I was in cloud nine.” 

No Promises (Official Remix) – VANZ Artiste | T-series

Gulaal (Official Remix) – VANZ ft. Ravneet Singh

Despite achieving so much at a young age, Vansh is grounded and soft-spoken. He is looking forward to work with Bollywood music producers and directors.  

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